A Message from EIOH Director Dr. Eli Eliav


In the short time since I have arrived, I have been meeting with many peopleDr. Eliav throughout Eastman Institute for Oral Health, the Medical Center and the University, and I feel that I am already part of the excellent work dynamic.

It was not by chance that the EIOH gained the highly prestigious reputation it maintains. The Institute is known worldwide for training graduates who become outstanding leaders in every specialty.  The carefully selected students who are accepted experience a challenging curriculum and are expected to meet very high standards.

In recent years, under Drs. Cyril Meyerowitz and Bill Calnon’s leadership, there have been many great achievements, and I take on the challenge of filling their very large shoes.

In my opinion, one of the major challenges at hand is Dr. Abayon with Dr. Eliavproviding an environment that will support EIOH’s mission. It is my responsibility to ensure that we are employing all the tools necessary to continue conducting successful research and training, and providing clinical and community services. 

We live in a very special time for the field of dentistry.  Changes in healthcare provision will present many new opportunities for future dentists, specialists, faculty and researchers.Dr. Calnon with Dr. Eliav

These changes place Eastman Institute for Oral Health in a unique position to thrive like never before, and I look forward to working alongside our dedicated and talented professionals to make that happen.

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