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Research at Eastman DentalDental Caries and Biofilms

  • Evaluation of a novel anti-caries approach to modulate virulence of S. mutans
    This study will investigate the influence of a novel anti-caries chemotherapeutic approach on:

Sponsor: NIH/NIDCR
Principal Investigator: Hyun Koo, D.D.S., Ph.D.

  1. Expression of specific genes associated with the formation of the extracellular polysaccharide matrix
  2. Structure of the polysaccharides matrix in the biofilm using GC-MS, MALDI-TOF-MS and NMR
  3. Metabolic pathway of S. mutans by specific biochemical assays on PTS system and glycolytic enzymes. Furthermore, we will identify the most effective dosage of our therapeutic approach in vivo, which may also reduce fluoride exposure.

Environmental Agents and Oral Health

  • Mercury Vapor from Amalgam and Methylmercury Co-Exposure on Neurodevelopment
    The aim of the project is to quantify the level of risk for adverse neurodevelopmental outcomes attributable to prenatal and postnatal co-exposure to mercury vapor from dental amalgam and methylmercury from fish consumption.  This multinational collaborative project will capitalize on the availability of mothers and children participating in the well-characterized Seychelles Child Development Nutrition Study.
    Sponsor: NIH/NIEHS/NIDCR
    Award number: R01 ES015578
    Principal Investigator: Gene E. Watson II, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Health Services Research

  • Oral Health Surveillance
    To conduct oral health surveillance of preschool and elementary school children in collaboration with the Monroe County Department of Health.
    Principal Investigator: Sangeeta Gajendra, D.D.S., M.P.H

  • Utility of Teledentistry to Reduce Oral Disease Burden in Preschool Children
    An exploration of teledentistry, an approach that uses an intraoral camera to image teeth and tooth surfaces. To determine if teledentistry is useful in reducing oral disease burden in preschool inner city children, an intervention study will be conducted in inner-city childcare centers participating in Health-e-Access project.
    Sponsor: NIH
    Award number : K23 DE017230
    Principal Investigator: Dorota Kopycka-Kedzierawski D.D.S., M.P.H.

Craniofacial Development

  • Genetic basis of cleft lip and palate
  • Molecular genetic analysis of craniofacial development
  • Genetic reg. network in craniofacial development

Salivary Diagnosis and Therapy

  • Radioprotection by targeted SiRNA delivery to salivary glands
  • Salivary gland precursor cells

Skeletal, Alveolar and Dental Tissue Regeneration

  • Mammary stem cells in development and cancer

Periodontal Diagnosis and Therapy

Periodontal Diagnosis and Therapy

Clinical Research

Implants, dental materials, lasers

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