User Fees

The facility is a non-profit research resource. All projects entail operation fees to recover costs associated with staff time, routine maintenance, replenishment of expendable supplies, and service contracts. Fees will be waived if problems develop as the result of equipment failure, but not for problems resulting from sample quality, quantity, or outside operator error. Users must have a valid university account number and a prior billing agreement in place before the onset of service-related activities.

For billing information, please contact Susan Muscato-Smith.

Service Non-DCFAR Users Approved DCFAR User1
BiaCore2 $55.00 per day $55.00 per day
X-ray Instrument2 $57.00 per hour $22.00 per hour
Mosquito24 $88.00 per 96-well plate $88.00 per 96-well plate
AKTA Pure2 $30.00 for 4 hours $22.50 for 4 hours
AKTA Pure2 $60.00 for 8 hours $30.00 for 8 hours
ITC Calorimeter Initial training as necessary and replacement of any syringes accidentally bent by user.
Fluorimeter Initial training as necessary and user must supply cuvettes.
Staff Fee3 $35.00 per hour

User has met the subsidy requirements established by DCFAR

DCFAR Requirements

DCFAR-User Subsidy when conducting AIDS-Related Research at the University of Rochester's Structural Biology and Biophysics Facility

Users of the Structural Biology and Biophysics Facility who investigate HIV, AIDS, or opportunistic infections (OI) related to AIDS, will be eligible for a subsidy from the University of Rochester Developmental Center for AIDS Research (DCFAR) in order to support their use of the Facility for this work.

Criteria for eligibility are either extramural or internal (UR) funding for HIV/AIDS/OI research, or the investigator is the recipient of a DCFAR pilot grant.

Investigators who wish to take advantage of the subsidy must receive approval from DCFAR at least one week prior to scheduled use of the Facility. Subsidies for consultation services and/or facility use are available as well.

Send requests for subsidy approval by e-mail to DCFAR Basic Sciences Core Director C.G. Haidaris, Ph.D. Include in your request:

  • Name
  • Eligibility criteria
  • Project title
  • A brief description of the proposed work

If the subsidy is granted, it is mandatory that the investigator report to DCFAR in a timely manner the value added to his/her research program as a consequence of using the Structural Biology and Biophysics Facility. Acknowledgment of DCFAR support is also required in any resulting description (i.e. meeting presentation, publication, etc) of the research performed at the Facility. This information will be used to help justify continued support for DCFAR from NIH.

Requires initial training.
All in-person contacts will incur a half-hour charge up to the first 30 min and a 1 hr charge in hourly increments thereafter.
Users will be charged a fee of $8 per 24-well plate if they choose to perform manual setups. Coverslips and some types of pipette tips can be provided. Users must supply their own crystallization reagents.