Do I really need a mommogram? Short anser: Yes. But you can read more here. Who needs you most? Tell us who in your life motivates you to stay healthy. How is URMC making breat health easier? Research, Innovations & other good things.

University Breast Imaging

There are so many people who need you. That's why it's critical to have regular mammograms.

University Breast Imaging is made up of facilities and physicians who perform comprehensive breast imaging services for Strong Memorial Hospital and Highland Hospital. All of our facilities offer state of the art equipment, and all of our studies are read and interpreted exclusively by members of the University of Rochester Medical Center's faculty.

University Breast Imaging is the only breast imaging center that's part of URMC. And with so many convenient locations, we make it easier than ever to keep you healthy.

Learn more about why you're needed. Watch our commercials.

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