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score SCORE: Helping research coordinators connect and learn mentoring Ever Better Mentoring Course Now Available
regualtory science Fall 2015 CTSI Seminar Series: Advancing Biomedical Innovation through Translational Research and Regulatory Science genetic code When it Comes to Your Health, Does Your Zip Code Matter More Than Your Genetic Code?
healthy weight Healthy Weight Initiative Re-launches scoial media recruitment Using Social Media in Research Recruitment
Bennett CTSI Director's Update socta NYS Society of Clinical Research Associates Fall Meeting
Barnett CTSI and NCDHR: How we work together lungs Lung Biology Strategic Plan Request for Proposals

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Wednesday, September 2nd Walk-in Clinic

Tuesday, September 8th

Regulatory Science Research and Core Competencies

i2B2 Fundamentals Training

Wednesday, September 9th

Using carbon-14 to investigate the response of natural methane emissions to global warming

Tuesday, September 15th

Advancing Regulatory Science at the FDA

i2B2 REDCap Integration Training


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health services

The advanced certificate in health services research is designed to give individuals the knowledge and tools needed to evaluate the effectiveness of health services programs and policies. It provided researchers with a practical understanding of health services research methods including cost-effectiveness analysis, impact analysis, and implementation research.