Maternal Child Health (MCH) Fellowship

Program Overview

In collaboration with the Department of Obstetrics and the Department of Pediatrics at the University of Rochester Medical Center, the Maternal Child Health (MCH) fellowship program is designed to train Family Medicine doctors in high risk/surgical obstetrics and management of common newborn ailments. This one year fellowship is particularly designed for those interested in practicing in an underserved area, a rural area or in an academic setting.

Things you will learn:
C-section delivery
Postpartum tubal ligations
Vacuum assisted vaginal delivery
OB ultrasound
Newborn resuscitation and stabilization
Management of newborns in the Special Care Nursery
Management of high risk obstetrical conditions
D & C

Additional training opportunities:
Termination training

Fellows spend two half days per week in the Highland Family Medicine office seeing general family medicine patients and continuity pre-natal patients.  Fellows also have the opportunity to Precept residents and participate in Centering Pregnancy Group Prenatal visits.

We care for a very diverse patient population, including many refugees from Eastern Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. An important part of our mission is caring for underserved women and children.

Number of Fellowships

Two fellows are recruited each fellowship year.


Although outside moonlighting is discouraged, some opportunities exist for extra income from approved activities. Benefits include malpractice insurance, four weeks of vacation, and CME time and money.

  • Salary: $60,000/year
  • CME funding: $2,100/year
  • Vacation: 4 weeks/year
  • CME leave: 1 week/year
  • Malpractice insurance provided
  • Health insurance plan same as faculty

Fellows are expected to be busy and continually challenged by new opportunities. However, a serious effort is made to avoid the “overwork syndrome” that occurs in some medical settings.

After Graduation

Fellows have distinguished themselves in academic and clinical practice careers after leaving the program. No fellow to date has been denied privileges which have been requested. A listing of former fellows is available for serious candidates to contact.


The Family Medicine Department has an excellent group of 10 faculty family physicians who include maternity and newborn care in their practices. Several faculty have international and rural experience. Cesarean section training is provided by university and community-based obstetricians and obstetrics fellowship trained family medicine faculty.

The Hospital

Highland Hospital is a 268-bed community hospital which emphasizes primary care and friendly, personalized service. There are about 3600 deliveries a year at Highland. All patients are considered “teaching” patients. Currently we have 30 Board Certified obstetricians and 7 family physicians who conduct their private practices at Highland, in addition to the Family Medicine practice. A full-time perinatologist is available for consultation and teaching. An active midwifery service began in September of 2000. All standard obstetric interventions are available at Highland, but the hospital is also receptive to alternative styles of childbirth.

The cesarean section rate is about 23.2%. The maternity service is staffed jointly by Family Medicine residents and OB residents, who have a long tradition of mutual respect and collaboration.


Candidates should have completed a family medicine residency program before the fellowship begins, such that they are board-eligible or board-certified in family medicine. Candidates should plan to obtain a New York State License six months prior to starting the fellowship. We currently do not accept applications from physicians with H-1B Visas.

Application Process

To qualify for admission to the fellowship, candidates must:

Complete the online MCH Fellowship application no later than September 15th of the application year.

  • Submit an electronic CV and a personal statement giving your reasons for pursuing this fellowship.
  • Provide three (3) signed, sealed, and mailed reference letters, including one from the Program Director of your residency program or Department Chair. Include reference to your clinical abilities, professional qualifications, and moral character. These reference letters must be printed on the referencing organization's official letterhead and mailed under separate cover to the Fellowship Coordinator.
  • Submit your completed online application with the requested support documentation to the Fellowship Coordinator.
  • Include a copy of applicant Procedure Log showing # of deliveries attended (vaginal, cesarean and vacuum)
  • ALL Application documentation must be received prior to arranging an interview
  • Interview expenses are not covered by the Fellowship

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview.  The interview gives applicants a chance to meet many individuals who will be important in their training, and to see life in the Family Maternity Center (the labor floor) as well as the Rochester region. Fellows are chosen and notified by throughout the interview process. Fellows can start working anytime between July 1 and August 1.

Application Timeline/Dates to Note

July 15

Start date for submission of application

September 15

Closing date for receipt of Fellowship application, procedures log, CV, personal statement and 3 letters of reference

September 1- December 1


Open Calendar

Fellows chosen and notified throughout the process

July 1 - August 1

Fellows begin orientation/employment anytime in this date range


Contact Information

For further information, write or call:

Fellowship Coordinator, Maternal Child Health Fellowship
Highland Family Medicine
777 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620 USA
Phone: (585) 279-4764
Fax: (585) 442-8319
Email:Fellowship Coordinator

Scott G. Hartman, M.D. and Bradley VanHeukelum, M.D. , Co-Directors
Maternal Child Health Fellowship
Highland Family Medicine
777 South Clinton Avenue
Rochester, NY 14620 USA