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University of Rochester Department of Family Medicine - Global Health - Pillowcase Dresses

Honduran school children in pillowcase
dresses donated by Angels of Mercy in Rochester, NY.

The Department of Family Medicine is committed to improving the health of underserved populations both in the U.S. and abroad. To fulfill this mission, the Department has developed a year-round program to help the people of a rural community in southwest Honduras called San Jose San Marcos de la Sierra.

The goals of the Global Health Program are to:

  1. improve the health and welfare of this rural community
  2. help the community become self-sufficient
  3. teach residents the skills necessary so they can help other communities improve their health after graduation.

Embracing the San Jose community goes beyond Family Medicine’s realm of expertise in health care—it focuses on helping the community achieve a sustainable means to survive and prosper, even when many of the needed changes are considered non-medical. Real success will be realized when we have worked ourselves out of a job and the community is self sufficient. Below are links to enable you to learn more about this successful program.

Brief overview of the San Jose community

Trip Reports – a great way to quickly get a feel for interventions

San Jose Partners – Associated website that provides details about the Honduran program

Family Medicine Residency – learn what to expect as a resident in the Global Health Track

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