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Guided Meditation, Yoga, and Body Scan Audio Files

We offer guided body scan, hatha yoga, and sitting meditation audio files.

Body Scan

The body scan meditation guides the listener in nonjudgmental moment-to-moment awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations, focusing on the present experience of the body. Regular practice builds not only awareness of sensations but enhances the capacity to be present with one’s experience, without elaboration, just as one meets it.

Hatha Yoga

This mindful movement meditation builds awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations while slowly moving the body in and out of various simple postures in the lying down position. It builds flexibility, not just with the physical but also with the changing nature of the body and mind, from moment to moment and from day to day.

Sitting Meditation

Sitting practice allows the observation of thoughts, feelings, and sensations without intervening, as they come and go. Beginning with an awareness of the breath, the field of awareness expands to include larger domains of one’s experience, while maintaining equanimity, holding all that is noticed as worthy of attention.

More Hatha Yoga

This mindful movement expands on the previous practice, working with thoughts, feelings, and sensations while in an upright posture. It also builds flexibility of body and mind.

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