Mindful Practice

Workshops and Faculty Development

In response to an increasing number of inquiries from academic medical centers, and through meetings sponsored by the Gold Foundation, we have discovered widespread interest in these curricula. Funds from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation and the John W. Kluge Foundation allowed us to spearhead a series of workshops for clinician-educators in mindful practice and mindful communication starting in 2010. Held as intensive 3- and 4-day residential workshops, they have been consistently oversubscribed. Our seven workshops list over 300 participants from over 90 institutions in the USA, Canada, and eight other countries. The workshops provide training in mindful practice, in facilitating the curriculum and help in incorporating these curricula at the student, resident, continuing education and faculty development levels at their home institutions. Results of post-course surveys have indicated high satisfaction with the workshop, intention to use the approaches presented with their learners, intention to start programs at their home institutions and a positive impact on their attitudes towards care. Over 85% have given the workshops the highest possible ratings, and 95% indicated that they would recommend the workshops to colleagues. We have also conducted ½-day and day-long workshops at major conferences and health systems and visiting professorships, approximately 10 times per year.

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