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For more information about the Fields Center for FSHD (FSH dystrophy) research, please contact us:

By Mail

   Fields Center for FSHD and Neuromuscular Research
   University of Rochester Medical Center
   Dept. of Neurology
   601 Elmwood Avenue, Box 673
   Rochester, NY 14642

   Attn: Colleen Donlin-Smith, MA, CCRC
   Sr. Health Project Coordinator

By Phone

   Phone: 585.275.7680 or 585.275.6372
   Fax: 585.273.1255

By E-Mail

   If you would like more information about the Fields Center or the research being done by Fields Center
   scientists, please email us at:

Due to rules regarding the confidentiality of medical records, we are unable to reply to emails containing confidential information. To protect your privacy, please do not include any personal medical information in your email message. Please include your name, telephone number and email address, and we will contact you. Thank you.