Health Research

Healthy Volunteer Studies

If you would like to participate in health research as the healthy volunteer, below is a list of studies accepting healthy volunteers

IdStudy TitleThe Question the Study Seeks to Answer
10143Research study of C. difficile vaccine for people at risk for C. difficile infection.Will the study vaccine for C. difficile infection be safe and produce an immune response?
10145Inspiring Possibilities for TeensWe are interested in seeing how well services help teens who have some stress and depressive feelings compared with those who don’t have those feelings.
10232National Registry of Myotonic Dystrophy (DM) and Facioscapulohumeral Muscular Dystrophy (FSHD)The goals of the National Registry are to connect patients with researchers and to study the symptoms and progression of DM and FSHD.
10291ADRN: Atopic Dermatitis RESEARCH NetworkWhy some individuals with atopic dermatitis are at increase risk for skin infections.
10337A study looking at a vaccine for the H7N9 flu virus. The study will assess immune responses of both an injected and live weakened (nasal spray) vaccines and the adjuvant. It will also look at other possible side effects of the vaccines in the study.Will giving an non-live flu vaccine followed by a booster with a live vaccine produce a response to the flu strain, A/H7N9. Also, will the addition of an adjuvant, a substance added to the vaccine to help the effect of the flu vaccine, help to produce a better response.
10338Lens Material Comparison StudyHow do two different contact lens materials compare when examined over the course of a single day as well as during two weeks of wear?
10339Couples’ Relationships and Their Sex LivesAre there associations between aspects of couples' relationships and their sex lives?