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Maximizing Achievement for High School Students

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How do interactions in various circumstances impact bodily responses?
We are currently recruiting freshmen, sophomores, and juniors in high school between 13-18 years of age to participate in a 2 hour research study on bodily responses in various situations. If you choose to participate, you will have sensors placed on your body which will allow us to monitor your cardiovascular responses during the study. All research subjects will be compensated $50. Please email to learn more & to schedule a time to participate.
University of Rochester

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Jeremy Jamieson

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(585) 273-1873

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You will be asked to begin the study by relaxing in a comfortable room and filling out a few questionnaires. Then you will be hooked up to equipment that will monitor your bodily responses. You will be asked to provide 3 saliva samples at different times during the study that will be analyzed for hormones that are detectable in all people and respond to different situations such as eating and running, as well as different emotions such as happiness and anxiety. If you feel uncomfortable at any time please tell us immediately so that we may correct the problem or terminate your participation.