Life Sciences Learning Center

Welcome to the Life Sciences Learning Center

The Life Sciences Learing Center (LSLC), located at the University of Rochester Medical Center, is a unique hands-on science inquiry center for students and community members throughout the Greater Rochester Area. LSLC programs and curricula emphasize hands-on and minds-on learning to boost science literacy and increase enthusiasm towards learning science. Our facilities include two teaching laboratories that can accommodate up to 48 learners per day and are fully equipped with up-to-date science equipment and supplies.


Outreach Programs

In light of cuts to funding for science education at NIH, the LSLC is not taking any new registrations for outreach programs for 2013-14


Interested in bringing the latest in nanotechnology or stem cells to the classroom? These topics and much more are represented in our collection of curricula and animations. Our curricula are developed with teacher input, these lessons incorporate minds-on and hands-on activities, and bring exciting science to your students. Our easy to understand animations have an international audience and feature easy download so that you don't have to count on internet access in the classroom.

Scientist Involvement

Did you know that many of our programs are taught by scientists at the URMC? We have an active group of scientists at different stages of their careers who are interested to share their excitement for the field. If you are a scientist at the URMC and want to join our legion of volunteers, find out more by visiting our volunteer page.

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