Medications to Withhold Before Your Allergy Consult

Some medication that are used in treating allergies, cold symptoms, sleep aids or stomach problems can interfere with skin testing results. Your visit may require skin testing so please withhold the following medications:

Please note: Steroid pills (prednisone or Medrol), inhalers, cromolyn, theophylline and antibiotics may be continued and won't interfere with the test results. Also, antihistamines should not be taken for at least 72 hours before skin testing.

Antifed/Triprolidine Coricidin Periactin
Advil PM Cyproheptadine Phenergan
Alavert Dayquil / Nyquil Ranitidine / Zantac
Alka Seltzer Deconamine Robitussin
Allegra / Fexofenadine Dimetapp Rynatuss
Allerx Doxylamine Scot-Tussin
Allerest Dramamine Sine-Off
Ambenyl Dristan Sinutab
Antivert / Meclizine Drixoral Sominex
Astelin Diphenhydramine Sudafed (Any Brand)
Axid / Nizatidine Excedrin PM Tavist, Tavist D
Benedryl Famotidine / Pepcid Teldrin HBP
Bromfed 4-Way Thera/Flu
Cheracol D Livostin Eye Drops Triaminic
Chlorpheniramine Loratadine / Claritin Tussi 12
Chlor Trimeton Marezine Tylenol PM / Cold
Cimetidine / Tagament Novahistine / DH Unisom
Clarinex Nytol Vicks 44
Codimal DH, DM, PH Optivare Eye Drops Visine A
Cogentin / Benztropine Patanol Eye Drops Zaditor
Comtrex Pediacare Zyrtec (any)
Contac Percogesic  

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