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URMC Research NetworkURMC is home to more than 1,470 research faculty spread across more than 250 centers, institutes and labs. Work being done by our researchers spans all biomedical disciplines, from fundamental to translational and clinical sciences. A key characteristic of the scientific environment is the size of the research enterprise: Small enough to foster familiarity and collaboration, yet diverse enough to create the integrated multidisciplinary teams necessary to tackle complex medical problems.

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Research@URMC Recent Posts

Study Finds Link Between Rare Genetic Mutation and Osteoporosis

A URMC scientist recently contributed to a large genetic study that found a link between a rare genetic mutation and osteoporosis.  These findings suggest there may be one hundred different types of osteoporosis that may need to be treated one hundred different ways. 
Posted on 10/8/2015

From Atomic Bomb to Lead and Pollution, Environmental Researchers Celebrate Rich History and Promising Future

URMC scientists are honoring decades of investigating the impact of environmental exposures on health— dating back to the 1940s when they first looked into the toxicants used in the atomic bomb, to more modern concerns like lead, mercury, air pollution, pesticides, nanomaterials, and epigenetics.
Posted on 9/17/2015

Breakthrough in Understanding New Class of Antibiotics

Researchers at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry have uncovered how a new class of antibiotics works. Their findings may lead to development of drugs that could someday be a key weapon in the fight against deadly antibiotic-resistant superbugs.
Posted on 9/8/2015