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  • Marsha Wittink, M.D.

    Marsha Wittink, M.D., studies how to empower older patients.

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  • Danielle Benoit, Ph.D., Ben Frisch, Ph.D., and Rudi Fasan, Ph.D.

    Rudi Fasan, Ph.D., Ben Frisch, Ph.D., and Danielle Benoit, Ph.D. are collaborating to develop a new leukemia drug and a new way of delivering it with nanoparticles.

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  • Laura Calvi, M.D. and Jacky Williams, Ph.D.

    Laura Calvi, M.D. and Jacky Williams, Ph.D., are studying the tumor microenvironment using a new high-technology device that will allow them to look more deeply into connections between cancer cells and surrounding tissues.

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  • Melvin King

    Melvin King, research assistant, works with Brad Smith, Ph.D., and Josh Munger, Ph.D., who are collaborating to study how cancer cells reproduce.

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Science helps the people we treat every day.

We investigate the roots of cancer, search for new therapies, and provide precision care based on new discoveries.

Research Programs

The Wilmot Cancer Institute has a large, dedicated group of scientists from 30 academic departments at the University of Rochester and the Wilmot Cancer Institute. Thanks to ongoing basic and clinical research by our teams, patients throughout upstate New York continuously gain new survival advantages.

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hallmarks  Tumor Microenvironment

hallmarks  Cancer Control & Survivorship