Join us and support our vision.

Cancer will soon eclipse cardiovascular disease as the leading cause of death worldwide. Tomorrow’s cures are needed now. 

To amplify our impact, Wilmot is seeking National Cancer Institute (NCI) designation. Joining this elite group of the country’s top cancer centers will provide a substantial boost to Wilmot’s resources, reputation, and research. For our patients, this means increased access to clinical trials and novel treatment options for the most challenging cancers.

Your investment in Wilmot will help:

  • Advance care and access to cutting-edge clinical trials, which help identify better and safer treatments for patients throughout our region.
  • Drive new discoveries by providing seed funding, which can kickstart pilot projects and lead to major federal grants.
  • Recruit and retain world-class cancer researchers and clinicians and train the next generation.

For more information on supporting the Wilmot Cancer Institute, contact Clare Flanagan, Executive Director of Advancement, at