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Research Programs

Wilmot scientists are supported by grants from a variety of sources, including the National Cancer Institute, several nationally respected cancer foundations, and industry groups. However, community and regional support for our research is also critical. We rely on donations to boost existing projects, to recruit top-flight scientists, and to seed newly developing hypotheses with the data necessary to compete for larger grants. Thank you for considering a research gift to Wilmot. Our scientific programs (listed below) set us apart from all other cancer providers in upstate New York.

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Hallmarks of Cancer Icon Hallmarks of Cancer

The Wilmot Cancer Institute has a large, dedicated group of scientists from 30 academic departments at the University of Rochester and the Wilmot Cancer Institute. Thanks to ongoing basic and clinical research by our teams, patients throughout upstate New York continuously gain new survival advantages.

Solid Tumors Icon Tumor Microenvironment

Cancer cells are known to have accomplices. Our Tumor Microenvironment program focuses on the non-cancerous cells, tissue, and systems that create the soil—the “microenvironment”—that enables cancer to grow and spread.

Survivorship Cancer Control & Survivorship

With a focus on the human side of cancer, this research program has a superb track record of studying treatment toxicity and side effects, the late effects of cancer, and ways to help patients live better.