Who Are We?


The Wilmot Informatics group recognizes the need for more efficient and innovative technical approaches to the challenges facing academic healthcare groups today. These needs drive the Informatics team to produce novel technologies and analytical approaches that lower the skill floor of academic healthcare technology, while simultaneously pushing forward technical innovations to help clinical research as well as clinical operations throughout the Cancer Institute. We support inter-professional and collaborative approaches to challenges, which are enhanced by our diverse and multidisciplined team.

We are actively involved in sharing these innovations with the greater healthcare community through national conferences, collaboration with industry, and writing publications for journals.

Our Objectives

  • Centralized technical governance, with a decentralized autonomous execution allowing for power to be given to providers and researchers
  • Lowering the skill floor for technical personnel creating less technical burden and debt
  • Creating technologies to support and enhance the mission of the Wilmot Cancer Institute
  • Publishing novel approaches to academic healthcare technology challenges