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Projects and Development

Current Projects

The Informatics team is currently engaged in a number of initiatives to support clinical operations, research, and the overall technical posture of the Wilmot Cancer Institute.

Hyperion: Centralized Medical Analytics

The backbone of these initiatives is a federated data warehouse with integrated data governance, interfacing, ticketing, and analytics platforms called "Hyperion". The Hyperion technology is based on open source languages, coded in Python/Flask and JavaScript with the following stated goals:

  • Lower the Skill Floor: Reduce the number of high-level developers, interface programmers, and technical support staff needed to run and maintain a complex system.
  • Reduce the Cost of Technology: Significantly reduce the need for extremely expensive software solutions, and personnel.
  • Efficient Sandboxing and Analytics: Reduce the technical burden of analytics, by providing validated and curated datasets and dashboards. Also allow for research sandboxes with single button clicks following comprehensive security protocols.
  • Integrate Data Governance and Ticketing: Ensure that strict Data Governance guidelines are following by integrating data governance into the platform itself. Allow for ticketing to be inherent within the system.

CANVAS: Geospatial Analysis

The Cancer Visual Analytic System or CANVAS for short, is an extremely robust and powerful tool that allows for geospatial analysis across any field within the Hyperion database. This includes everything from Electronic Health Record Data, to the location of Smoke shops and hiking trails across the state. Allowing for unlimited overlays and custom animations, the tool has been used in analyzing disparities in care, and pinpointing areas of clinical interest and education.

Public Clinical Trial Viewer

Public Clinical Trial Viewer Screenshot

The public clinical trial viewer tool is an extremely efficient and innovative mobile ready application. It is tied in real time to the Clinical Trial Management System to keep patients and providers up-to-date via their mobile devices on what clinical trials are available, if someone may qualify, and who to contact for more information. Like other WCI Informatics solutions, it is completely coded in open source technology reducing the need for costly outside applications.

Analytics PhotoDashboards and Analytics

We are in continuous development of state-of-the-art custom dashboards and analytics to monitor interfaces, clinical outcomes, and to provide real-time operational and trial support to the Cancer Institute and its multiple teams.

Future Development

Microsoft HoloLens PictureAugmented Reality

Utilizing augmented technology, like the Microsoft HoloLens we are developing enhancements to existing solutions, as well as developing new platforms to more efficiently identify barriers to clinical trials, and to enhance the collaborative experience of clinical operations.