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Hyperion: Centralized Medical Analytics


The backbone of our team initiatives is an enterprise level data integration platform consisting of a federated data warehouse with integrated data governance, interfacing, ticketing, and analytics platforms called "Hyperion". The Hyperion technology is based on open-source languages, coded in Python/Flask and JavaScript with the following stated goals:

  • Lower the Skill Floor: Reduce the number of high-level developers, interface programmers, and technical support staff needed to run and maintain a complex system.
  • Reduce the Cost of Technology: Significantly reduce the need for extremely expensive software solutions and personnel.
  • Efficient Sandboxing and Analytics: Reduce the technical burden of analytics by providing validated and curated datasets and dashboards. Also allow for research sandboxes with single button clicks following comprehensive security protocols.
  • Integrate Data Governance and Ticketing: Ensure that strict data governance guidelines are following by integrating data governance into the platform itself.
  • Changing technological team structure: Flatten the decisional hierarchy and implement a transdisciplinary team approach to optimize functioning and increase development speed, simulating the pace of industry teams.

Read more about Hyperion here.