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Events and Publications

The Technology and Innovation team spreads information through novel publications, national conference presentations, and designing and presenting education to faculty and staff.



  • On July 17th at 12:30 PM we are airing a webinar called "Cohort Builder: simplified data aggregation and insights". Sign Up to Attend Here


  • Our Director Eric Snyder was a guest speaker at the UR HSM465 Healthcare Data, Visualization, and Analysis on Tuesday June 25th
  • On June 14th our Head of Architecture and Senior Innovator Scott Isaacs presented Overcoming the Technical and Ethical issues of AI in the Classroom at the LSUS STEM Conference
  • On March 8th our Director, Eric Snyder, discussed technology trends in healthcare on the Gartner Technology Panel
  • Our Lead Innovator and Architect Scott Isaacs spearheaded a panel on AI in STEAM in the Full Steam Ahead Educator Symposium on February 8-9th. More details about the symposium here!
  • Galien Foundation Nomination Event on October 26th in NYC - we were nominated and took home second place!
  • NHLTH Digital Health Awards on October 8th in Las Vegas - Our very own director Eric Snyder was a judge on the Best Use of AI in Health Tech competition
  • TechRochester Woman Of The Year Award Ceremony - Our very own Lisa Smith was one of the finalists!
  • HIMSS Global Health Conference and Exhibition presenters in 2021, 2022, 2023
    • 2023 topics were Demystifying the Cloud: You’re Just Renting Someone Else’s ServersDenials of Service: Recoding Health care Technology for Innovation and Outcomes
  • AMIA 2020 Virtual symposium
  • Lisa Smith, M.S., a senior developer for our informatics group, delivered a series of lectures at local colleges in fall of 2022 titled, “How to Leverage your STEM Education to Succeed in Health care IT." A much needed talk, which will hopefully encourage and inform the future of health IT.
  • 2022 GREAT Awards by Tech Rochester (More Here)




  • Beyond Hierarchies: A New Paradigm for Healthcare Technology Teams (Link) March 2024
  • Beyond the EHR: Hyperion’s Role in Streamlining Healthcare Technology for Better Outcomes (Link) March 2024
  • Innovating Healthcare Technology – Exclusive Interview With Eric Snyder (Link) February 2024
  • The Cloud: Chances Are You Are Doing It Wrong (Link) December 2023
  • Geospatial Analysis: Changing the Landscape of Healthcare Informatics by Moving Beyond Typical Business Intelligence Tools (Link) June 2023
  • Simplify Data Migration to Azure Blob Storage and Ensure Data Integrity with AzCopy (Link) June 2023
  • The Pitfalls of Polypharmacy (Link) March 2023
  • An Unsupervised Machine Learning Approach to Evaluating the Association of Symptom Clusters With Adverse Outcomes Among Older Adults With Advanced Cancer (LinkMarch 2023
  • Transforming Health care Information Technology – A Paradigm Shift (Link) February 2023
  • Our Architect, Scott Isaacs, was recently mentioned for his work in AI (LinkSeptember 2022
  •  If you take several medications, ‘polypharmacy’ is a word to know (Link) May 2022
  • IT Innovations Led By Wilmot's Eric Snyder Capture National Attention (LinkApril 2022
  • Is Augmented, Virtual Reality the Future of Data Visualization? (Link) March 2022
  • Data Systems, Informatics Tools and Relationships (LinkJanuary 2022



  • Deep Learning Serial CT Response Score Predicts Overall Survival in Advanced NSCLC Treated with PD-(L)1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors - this will be presented at the SITC 39th Annual Meeting
  • Associations Between Violence, Mental Health, and Cancer in Transgender and Non-Transgender People (Link) May 2023
  • Supervised learning applied to classifying fallers versus non-fallers among older adults with cancer (LinkMay 2023
  • Radiomics-based multi-modal prediction of treatment response to PD-1/PD-L1 immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy in stage IV non-small cell lung carcinoma (mNSCLC) (Link) November 2022
  • Development and Implementation of an Algorithm to Identify Transgender People in a Single Institution’s Electronic Health Record (Link) June 2022
  • Optimizing Central Line Selection to Minimize Catheter-Associated Complications in Pediatric Patients with Acute Leukemia (Link) April 2022



  • Magic Pen: Automatic Pen-Mode Switching for Document Annotation (Link) March 2024
  • Methodologic Approaches for Using Electronic Medical Records to Identify Experiences of Violence in Transgender and Cisgender People: Closing the Gap Between Diagnostic Coding and Lived Experiences (Link) April 2023
  • From months to minutes: creating Hyperion, a novel data management system expediting data insights for oncology research and patient care (Link) November 2022
  • Associations between interpersonal violence and cancer risk factors for transgender and cisgender people (Link) 2022
  • Cancer risk factors and cancer in transgender versus cisgender people: Real-world data from a tertiary health care institution. (Link) 2022
  • An introduction to machine learning for clinicians: How can machine learning augment knowledge in geriatric oncology? (Link) November 2021
  • Assessing Barriers to Cancer Clinical Trial Enrollment: A Potential Application of a Clinical Decision-Support Tool (Link) November 2021
  • Regional Differences in Lymphomagenesis Identified through Quantification of AICDA-Mediated Subclonal Evolution in Follicular Lymphoma: Do Pesticides Play a Role? (LinkNovember 2021
  • Portable Medical Orders and End of Life Measures in Acute Myeloid Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes (LinkDecember 2021

*Not an exhaustive list