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Saturday, July 20:  All UR Medicine facilities are open as scheduled and providing safe patient care, with a goal to return all clinical services to full efficiency by early next week.
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In the complex world of Electronic Health Records (EHRs), where efficiency and accessibility are paramount, Ada emerges as a beacon of hope, particularly for critical areas such as Bone Marrow Transplants.

Named in honor of Ada Lovelace, the pioneering first computer programmer, Ada is the first of what we have coined "EHR Shells". Some EHRs are not organized in a way that is efficient for physicians and staff, nor do they support many of the data elements and featured necessary for certain complex tasks. Recognizing the challenges clinicians face with conventional EHR systems—especially the cumbersome process of managing hundreds of state-mandated forms that are poorly supported—Ada redefines the standard. It is meticulously crafted to not only streamline and automate the intricate Bone Marrow Transplant processes but also to enhance the overall functionality of EHRs, making essential patient data more accessible and actionable for healthcare providers.