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Current Restrictions at Jones Memorial Hospital

Current Visitation Policy

Effective Monday, June 24, 2021 visitation hours are 12:00 pm to 8:00 pm seven days a week. 

Visitor/Support Person Qualifications

  • MUST NOT be COVID-19+ or a person being evaluated for COVID-19 (in the last 10 days) or be under quarantine (in the last 14 days).
  • MUST NOT have had significant COVID-19 exposure or symptoms during the prior 10 days or have a temperature of equal to or greater than 100.4 degree Fahrenheit.
  • MUST adhere to all hospital and DOH policies.
  • MUST be screened. Those going to inpatient locations (2C, ICU, OB) MUST have their temperature taken prior to entry.
  • MUST attempt to social distance when in the building.
  • MUST wash hands or use hand sanitizer.
  • MUST wear a face covering approved by the hospital that covers the nose and mouth.
  • MUST wear additional PPE when deemed necessary.
  • MUST be 18 years or older.


  • Patients may have two (2) visitors per day during visiting hours.
  • Both visitors may be present at the same time.
  • Visitors are not permitted to wander the halls or visit with other patients.


  • Patients may have one (1) visitor per day during visiting hours.
  • Visitors are not permitted to wander the halls or visit with other patients.

Maternity (OB)

  • Patients are permitted to have two (2) support persons.
    • If a doula is participating in the care of the patient, this individual counts as one of the two support persons.
  • Support persons may accompany the patient through labor, delivery, and the postpartum period, including recovery until discharged to home.
  • Support persons are permitted to leave the hospital and return during the patient’s hospitalization.
  • Support persons are not permitted to wander the halls or visit with other patients
  • After delivery and during the postpartum period, patients are permitted to have two (2) visitors per day during visiting hours.
  • Outpatients may have one (1) support person with them for outpatient procedures.

Ambulatory Surgery

  • Patients may have one (1) designated visitor accompanying them during pre-op and recovery.
  • Visitors will need to wait in the designated waiting area during the procedure and in some cases until discharge.
    • If allowed by staff, the visitor may return to the bedside for recovery, however this is not always possible.

Emergency Department

  • Patients may have one (1) visitor accompanying them during their emergency room visit. This visitor is not allowed to come and go.
  • Exceptions include using the restroom and getting something from their car.
  • Patients that cannot be maintained in a semi-private or private room, are not permitted to have a visitor due to social distancing requirements in healthcare settings.

Laboratory, Physical Therapy/ Rehab, Imaging

  • No visitors are permitted to accompany patients.

Medical Practices

  • Patients may have one (1) visitor accompanying them to each scheduled appointment.
Special Situations and Considerations:

Pediatric Patients

  • Are permitted to have two (2) designated support persons accompanying them during their hospitalization or healthcare appointment.
  • For visitor information, see department specific guidance.

End of Life/Comfort Care

  • Patients are permitted to have two (2) support person that may remain with them during their hospitalization.
  • These patients may have up to four (4) individuals at the bedside at a time.
  • These patients may have an unlimited number of visitors, as long as individuals (support persons/visitors) are to rotate out accordingly.

Cognitive Impairments

  • Patients with dementia or delirium, or with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities are permitted to have one (1) support person at the bedside. This is usually determined by the medical team. During each hospitalization, at least 2 (two) individuals may be named as support persons. They may rotate out during the hospitalization.
    • It is preferred that if a support person is deemed medically necessary, two (2) of the visitors becomes the support person(s).

Cafeteria Usage:

  • The cafeteria remains closed to the general public.


Any individual unwilling to follow this or any other JMH policy will be asked to leave the property.