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Visitor Restrictions at Jones Memorial Hospital

Effective Tuesday, July 5th, 2022

Inpatient Visitation

Med/Surg Unit (2C) & Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

  • Visiting hours are 8am – 8pm, seven days a week.
  • No limit on the number of visitors during a patient’s stay, but limited to two visitors at a time.
  • No visitation for COVID positive patients.
  • No visitors under the age of 18.

Birthing Center/Maternity (OB)

  • No visitors, but patients may have two designated support persons.
  • If a doula is participating in the care of the patient, this individual counts as one of the two support persons.
  • Support persons may accompany the patient through labor, delivery and the postpartum period, including recovery until discharged to home.
  • Support persons are permitted to come and go.
  • COVID patients are permitted only one designated support person; who will stay in the room and is encouraged not to come and go.
  • Outpatients may have one support person with them for outpatient procedures.

Note: Visitor status will be reviewed as the patient’s condition changes.

Outpatient Visitation

Patients having a same-day Surgery or a Procedure

  • One visitor may accompany the patient through the pre-surgical process.
  • The visitor will remain in a designated waiting room.
    • If waiting area space is too full, visitors may be asked to wait in their car.
  • If the patient is admitted after surgery, visitation and exception guidelines will be followed.

Emergency Department (ED)

  • One support person per patient depending on ED volume.
  • If the patient is admitted to the hospital, visitation and exception guidelines will be followed.

Medical Practices/Infusion Center

  • One support person may accompany the patient during their healthcare appointment.
  • If waiting area is too full, visitors may be asked to wait in their car until the visit begins.

Laboratory, Physical Therapy/Rehab, Imaging

  • Patients needing assistance ambulating may have one support person.


Pediatric Patients:

  • Two designated support persons during their hospitalization or healthcare appointment.
  • Follow unit specific policies.

Developmental Disabilities/Cognitive Impairment Patients:

  • One support person during their hospitalization with no time limit. Care team determines who qualifies.
  • Follow unit specific policies.

End-of-Life Patients:

  • Two individuals may visit at the same time with no time limit.

COVID Patients:

  • No visitors unless end of life or meets other exception(s).


Clergy/Religious/Spiritual Leaders:

  • Patients are permitted to have a member from the religious or spiritual community visit them. These individuals are in addition to their allowed visitor(s)/support person(s).


Hospital Visitation Guidelines

  • A hospital-issued mask (we will provide) must be worn at all times, including when you are in the patient’s room. Those who fail to comply will be asked to leave the premises. Wear your mask correctly (over the nose and mouth).
  • Individuals who are sick or suspected of having COVID-19, or those how have had a positive test or exposure in the past 10 days may not visit.
  • Wash your hands often:
    • Wash with soap and water
    • Use sanitizer – ask for some if none is available
  • Visitors/support persons entering the hospital will be screened for symptoms on arrival.
  • After screening, hospital visitors and support persons will receive a one-day pass.
    • Report directly to the nurse’s station in the unit before proceeding to patient’s room.
  • Physical distancing: stay 6 feet apart from other people.
  • Stay in your patient’s room whenever possible. If you smoke, please bring a nicotine replacement or smoke off the premises.
  • When you leave the hospital, help everyone stay safe: remain masked, wash your hands after visiting, and maintain physical distance from others.