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Visitor Policies at Jones Memorial Hospital

Effective Friday, November 3, 2023 at 1100

Although medical masks are no longer required, we encourage you to test for COVID if you are having any upper respiratory symptoms and please wear a mask or refrain from visiting if you are symptomatic.   
Individuals who are sick or believe they may have COVID should not visit


Jones Memorial Hospital supports the patient's right to identify individuals whom they view as "family" and choose to be "partners in their care." The individuals defined by the patient as "family" are respected for their role as part of the care team.

• Patients can choose who can and cannot visit them while they are in our facility. We will not limit visitation based on legal relationship, race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or disability.

• Patients will be advised of their rights to have visitors at the time of admission to the hospital or outpatient treatment area.

• Those individuals defined as "family" are integral to:

◦ the healing process,

◦ the delivery of health care services,

◦ the support of the patient in transitions in care,

◦ the support the patient in decision-making,

◦ serving as stewards of patient safety.


Children are welcome as visitors. Any children under the age of 12 years old are required to be under the direct supervision of a responsible adult (at least 18 years old) who is not the patient. In the Birthing Center, additional guidelines exist for the security and safety of all newborns.

1. Siblings of any age may visit, but must be accompanied and supervised by a responsible adult, other than the patient, over the age of 18 years old.

2. Guests who are not siblings of the newborn and are under the age of 12 years old are not permitted to visit.

Visitation may be limited or restricted due to the following reasons:

◦ Patient has chosen not to receive visitors.

◦ There is risk of infection, causing a safety concern for the visitor or other patients.

▪ Patients will typically not be allowed to visit other patients due to infection prevention concerns except for persons living in the same household. Other exceptions are at the discretion of the care team.

When visitation timing impedes with imminent patient care needs.

◦ When visitation timing impedes with the separate care of a roommate including the need for privacy and rest.

◦ When visitors are disruptive, threatening, or violent.

◦ An active court order that restricts contact.

◦ The patient has a behavioral or mental health treatment plan that limits visitation.

◦ When the number of visitors or the nature of the visitor activity poses an impediment to the respectful and safe environment for other patients, families, visitors, or staff.


  1. Those who are sick or have had known exposures to infectious diseases should defer visitation until they are no longer sick or pose a threat to the healthcare environment.



Visitation and family presence in these locations are at the discretion of the care team. Please refer to department specific guidelines and policies for additional information.