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Jones Memorial Hospital / Employment Opportunities / Message from the HR Director


A Message from Kristopher Green, Director of Human Resources

Kristopher Green, HR DirectorDear High School Student,

If you are interested in pursuing a career in health care, Jones Memorial Hospital is interested in hearing from you.

As the primary acute care provider to the 50,000 residents of Allegany County, Jones Memorial has many employment opportunities available to caring, committed and highly-skilled individuals. Our staff is eager to provide job shadowing experiences for students like you after school, on weekends, or over school vacations. Our employees have gone through the education and training experiences necessary to be licensed in New York State and they can share their knowledge and experiences. You can learn about the location of the best programs, the best schools, and the best ways to become prepared as a health care professional. You can learn how to succeed in a health care profession from an experienced person who has already achieved the success you are seeking.

Please contact the director or coordinator of the area you are most interested in. Additionally, you may find more information on health careers in rural areas like ours by visiting the Rural AHEC website. Visit our Health Career Options page for general information about a variety of healthcare careers.

To discuss a shadowing opportunity or to arrange some in-depth study with one of our health care professionals, contact Jennifer Pacer, Staff Education Coordinator, at (585) 596-0148 or by email.

All of us at Jones Memorial are anxious to help the next generation of health care professionals. We are committed to providing the best health care possible for your friends, neighbors and family in Allegany County.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Kristopher Green, Director of Human Resources