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Saturday, July 20:  All UR Medicine facilities are open as scheduled and providing safe patient care, with a goal to return all clinical services to full efficiency by early next week.
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With just over 137,000 clinical trials in the US*, it’s nearly impossible to manually find all trials a patient matches without error. To solve this issue, we created Theia. Theia is a system developed to proactively or retroactively scan the inclusion and exclusion criteria of locally opened trials and match them against the Hyperion system in real time to see if a patient may qualify for a clinical trial. It prioritizes those trials and presents the physician with the results. It also takes a look at every trial opened nationally and reviews the criteria on national trials that may not be available locally and determines if a patient would qualify for those trials as well. It will then prioritize them as secondary possibilities. Further, a metric system has been added to identify if a significant portion of a patient population is qualifying for potential trials not opened at Wilmot so that researchers can be notified of the potential opportunities.

*As of December 27, 2022,