Biobank & Biospecimen Research Center

What We Do

The Biobank Shared Resource (BSR) is uniquely positioned at the center of three interrelated stakeholders: researchers, clinicians, and patients. As a central hub, this resource helps to bridge the bench-to-bedside gap by nurturing patient involvement through tissue donation and supporting translational research initiatives. The BSR maintains alignment with community values, Wilmot strategic initiatives, and programmatic research needs to ensure sustainable resource development.

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The BSR aims to provide clinicians and researchers access to a diverse catalog of clinically-annotated human tissue samples maintained within the Wilmot Biobank (WBB), as well as study-specific consultation and comprehensive technical support services through the Biospecimen Research Center (BRC). All biobanking and clinical research activities performed by the BSR were developed in accordance with, and strictly adhere to, National Cancer Institute (NCI BBRB) and International Society for Biological and Environmental Repositories (ISBER) best practices.