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Alphabetical Listing of Laboratories



Ackerman Lab - Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH)

Anolik Lab - Role of B Cells in the Pathophysiology of Systemic Lupus and Related Autoimmune Diseases

Aquavella Lab - Evaluate human tear film dynamics and its relationship to clinical dry eye syndrome.

Aslin Lab - Rochester Baby Lab

Awad Lab - Musculoskeletal Tissue Engineering


Baran Lab - Photodynamic Therapy and Medical Image Processing

Beck Lab - Characterizing the Epithelial Tight Junction Defects at the Molecular Level in Atopic Dermatitis

Bennetto Lab - Neurocognitive Bases of Autism

Benoit Lab - Therapeutic Biomaterials

Berger Lab - Biomedical Spectroscopy Laboratory

Berk Lab - Cells in the Vascular Wall and Their Response to Hemodynamic and Hormonal Stimuli

Bernhard, William A. Memorial Lab - Physics & Chemistry of DNA Damage Produced by Ionizing Radiation

Bi Lab - Chromatin Regulation of Gene Expression in Eukaryotes

Bidlack Lab - Pharmacology of Brain and Lymphocytic Opioid Receptors

Biteau Lab - Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms that Control Tissue Homeostasis and Somatic Stem Cells

Blumberg Lab - Blood transfusion immunobiology

Bohmann Lab - JNK, Fos, Foxo and Nrf2 Dependent Signaling and Gene Regulation in Oxidative Stress Response and Aging

Boyce Lab - Study of the regulation of the formation, activation and survival of osteoclasts

Bren Lab - Bioinorganic and Biophysical Chemistry

Briggs Lab - Focus on understanding how specific neuronal circuits in the early visual system encode visual information and how attention impacts the encoding of visual information.

Brookes Lab - Cardiac Ischemia-Reperfusion (IR) Injury and Cardioprotection

Brown Lab - Multiphoton Laser-Scanning Microscopy

Buckley Lab - Viscoelasticity in Connective Tissues

Bulger Lab - Chromatin Domains and Enhancer Activation

Burack Lab - Identifying FL patients who are more likely to transform into Diffuse Large B-cell lymphoma (DLBCL)

Butler Lab - Regulation of Gene Expression by Targeted Degradation of RNA


Calvi Lab - Therapeutic Manipulation of Stem Cell Niches

Cardiovascular Engineering Lab (CVEL) - Welcome to the Cardiovascular Engineering Lab

Carney Lab - Auditory Neuroscience

Chakkalakal Lab - Laboratory of Skeletal Muscle and Stem Cell Biology

Chang Lab - Androgen Receptor (AR) and Nuclear Orphan Receptors TR2, TR3, and TR4

Childhood Adversity and Resilience Lab - Childhood Adversity and Resilience

Choe Lab - in vivo Cancer Detection

Chu Lab - Translational Research in Lymphoid Malignancies

Chung Lab - Inherited retinal diseases and genetic factors contributing to age-related macular degeneration.

Clark Research Group - Instrumentation and Processing for the Nanoscale

Clinical Trials Processing Lab - Fee-for-service core resource that supports human clinical trials and basic science research conducted at UR.

Cog T Lab - Prevention and early detection of cognitive decline and promotion of successful cognitive aging

Cognitive Neurophysiology Laboratory - Cognitive Neurophysiology

Cognitive Neuroscience Lab - Mechanisms of Spatial Orientation

Coppage Lab - B cells and antibodies involved in organ rejection

Corsetti Lab - Studies of cardiovascular disease risk in human populations using non-traditional statistical approaches

Cory-Slechta Lab - Environmental Neurotoxicants as Risk Factors for Behavioral Diseases and Disorders

Crane Lab - Motion Perception & Spatial Orientation

Culver Lab - Assembly of the E. Coli 30S Ribosomal Subunit

Czyzyk Lab - Autoantibodies and diabetes


Dalecki Lab - Ultrasound for Medicine & Biology

Dean Lab - Gene Therapy

DeAngelis Lab - Visual Neuroscience

DeLouise Lab - Bio Nanomaterials Research Group

Dewhurst Lab - Influenza Viruses; Virus Polymerase HIV Vaccine Development; NeuroAIDS Research

Dickerson Lab - CGRP Signal Transduction

Dirksen Lab - Calcium Channel Structure and Function

Dogra Lab - Ultrasound Imaging Lab

Doyley Lab - Ultrasonic and Magnetic Resonance Imaging Lab

Dumont Lab - Signal Transduction; Membrane Protein Structure, Yeast Molecular Biology

Dunman Lab - Using S. aureus and A. baumannii as Model Organisms for Antibacterial Development and to Study Bacterial Pathogenesis

Dziejman Lab - Type Three Secretion System Mediated Pathogenesis of V. cholerae


Eickbush Lab - Retrotransposable Elements

Elder Lab - Toxicology of Inhaled Ultrafine Particles and Engineered Nanomaterials

Eliav Lab - Orofacial Pain

Eliseev Lab - Role of mitochondria in regulation of apoptosis and differentiation in cancer cells and in normal stem cells

Elliott Lab - Phagocytic Clearance of Dying Cells: Mechanisms and Consequences

Ermolenko Lab - Structural Dynamics of Translation


Foster Lab - Biomedical Optics and Photodynamic Therapy

Fowell Lab - Regulation of Immunity

Freedman Lab - Neural Control of Coordinated Movements

Freeman Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Programmed Cell Death in Neurons

Frelinger Lab - T cell immunity to tumors and pathogens

Friedman Lab - Regulation of cancer progression, which we are studying through a novel in vitro cell model system.

Fry Lab - Identifying the genetic changes underlying the temperate-tropical difference

Fu Lab - Cellular Stress Response Pathways that Determine Cell Fate after Exposure to Cytotoxic and Mutagenic Damaging Agents

Fudge Lab - Anatomy and Neurochemistry of Major Psychiatric Illnesses


Gan Lab - Developing Therapies for Blindness and Deafness via Gene Therapy and Stem Cell Replacement

Gelbard Lab - Glial and Immune Effector Cell Interactions with Synapses During Neuroinflammation

Georas Lab - Mucosal Immunology and Asthma

Ghaemmaghami Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Prion Propagation and Pathogenesis

Gill Lab - Microbial Pathogens and the Impact of Human Microbial Flora on Human Health and Disease

Glading Lab - Role of Cell-Cell Contact in Regulating Cellular Function in Both the Normal and Disease State

Goldfarb Lab - Nuclear Transport and Autophagy

Goldman Lab - Cell & Gene Therapy

Gorbunova Lab - Study of Age-Related Changes in Repair of DNA Double-Strand Breaks

Grayhack Lab - The Roles of the Genetic Code in Translation

Grossfield Lab - Computer Modeling to Understand Structure and Thermodynamics of Biological Molecules


Haber Lab - Basal Ganglia and Degenerative Diseases

Hagen Lab - Comprehensive Functional Genomics Screen of Glycosyltransferases

Haidaris Lab - Infections in the immunocompromised host, mechanisms of pathogenesis, host-microbe interactions and approaches to therapy

Halterman, Jill Lab - The Preventive Care Program for Urban Children with Asthma

Halterman, Marc Lab - Targeted Therapeutics for Cerebrovascular Diseases

Hammes, Stephen Lab - Androgen Effects on Reproduction and Cancer

Hayden Lab - Reward and Decision Making

Hayes Lab - Chromatin Structure

Henry Lab - Auditory Neurophysiology and Behavior Lab

Hinkle Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Cell Regulation

Hocking Lab - Extracellular Matrix Protein Research

Holt Lab - Synaptic Pharmacology of the Vestibular Apparatus

Hsu Lab - Genetic Regulatory Circuits in Development and Disease

Human Language Processing Lab - How Language Users Integrate Information Rapidly and Reliably Online

Hunter Lab - Mechanisms of light-induced retinal damage and development of non-invasive fluorescence imaging techniques to study retinal function in healthy and diseased eyes.

Huxlin Lab - Behavioral Studies and Functional Imaging of Visual Function, Plasticity and Rehabilitation After Brain Damage


Immunization Lab - Rand-Schaffer-Szilagyi Labs

Iqbal Lab - Microarray CGH

Ison Lab - How the auditory system is able to follow the rapidly changing acoustic signal that characterizes speech


Jaenike Lab - Species of mycophagous Drosophila

Järvinen-Seppo Lab - Characterization of the immunologic factors present in human milk that may modify the infant's developing immune system and oral tolerance to foods

Jin Lab - Molecular Regulation of Vascular Endothelial Function

Johnson Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Neurodegeneration

Johnson Lab - The Interface of Mathematical Statistics with Medical and Public Health Research Methodology

Johnson Lab - Leptomeninges and meningioma

Jonason Lab - Skeletal development and osteoarthritis


Kammermeier Lab - G Protein-coupled Receptor Function

Kielkopf Lab - Pre-mRNA Splicing for Treatment of Human Disease

Kiernan Lab - Sensory Development and Disease

Kim, Minsoo Lab - Inflammation Research

Kobie Lab - Translational B Cell Immunology

Korshunov Lab - Vascular Remodeling

Krauss Lab - Complete Understanding of the Fundamental Properties of Materials with a Size in Between Individual Molecules and the Bulk.

Krugh Lab - Structure Determination of Nucleic Acids by NMR

Kuo Lab - Developing innovative stem cell-based musculoskeletal tissue engineering and regenerative medicine strategies

Kwok Lab - MRI Research


Laboratory of Depression and Medical Comorbidity - Examining the relationships between depression and medical comorbidity in later life, including descriptive, etiologic model-testing, and intervention studies.

Laboratory of Interpersonal Violence and Victimization - Exploring intimate partner violence (IPV) through research aimed to create, test and disseminate novel ways to ameliorate the morbidity and mortality associated with IPV.

Laboratory of Personality Development - Risk factor research, intervention research, and integrating the two.

Laboratory of Suicide Studies - Basic social, behavioral, and biological, preclinical, clinical, and epidemiological studies of suicide that form the building blocks for preventive intervention research.

Lalor Lab - Explore quantitative modelling approaches to the analysis of sensory electrophysiology in humans

Lambert Lab - Roles of basic cellular behaviors in embryonic patterning

Land Lab - Cooperation of Oncogenic Mutations in the Control of Malignancy

Lawrence Lab - Environmental signaling, immune function, and cellular development

Lee, Soo Ok Lab - Signal Transduction Effects on Androgen Receptor

Lerner Lab - Modeling the Biomechanics of the Knee

Li, Xin Lab - Reproductive and RNA Biology

Libby Lab - Molecular Processes that Lead to RGC Death in Glaucoma

Livingstone Lab - CD8+ T cell memory

Loiselle Lab - Identify novel strategies to improve flexor tendon healing by reducing the formation of range of motion

Looney Lab - Translational Research in Autoimmune Disease, B Cell Depletion

Lopes Lab - Regulation of the Slow Delayed Rectifier-like Current (IKs) in the Heart and the Pathogenesis of the Long QT (LQT1) Syndrome

Lord Lab - Cell Mediated Immunity to Tumors

Lowenstein Lab - Mechanisms of Vascular Inflammation

Luebke Lab - Auditory & Vestibular Efferent Systems


MacLean Lab - The Structure of Neurotransmitter-gated Ion Channels

Maddox Lab - Investigate How the Visual System Interacts with the Auditory System to Improve Selective Attention Under Noisy Conditions

Maggirwar Lab - Regulation of Neuronal Survival

Maines Lab - Heme Oxygenase, Biliverdin Reductase & Cell Signaling

Majewska Lab - The Functional Synapse Group

Maquat Lab - Normal & Disease-Associated RNA Decay

Mariani Lab - Systems Biology of Lung Development and Disease

Martinez-Sobrido Lab - Evasion of the Innate Immune Response by Viruses

Mathews Lab - Computational Biology and Bioinformatics

Mayer-Pröschel Lab - Impairment of Neural Cell Functions During Developmental Insults

McAleavey Lab - Development of Novel, Clinically Applicable Ultrasound Imaging Techniques

McCamant Lab - Ultrafast Spectroscopy and Photophysics

McGrath Lab - Nanomembrane Research

McMurray Lab - Systems Biology of Cancer Cells

Mehta Lab - Novel therapeutic targets for ischemic brain injuries

Merigan Lab - The role of retinal ganglion cells in visual perception in the primate

Miano Lab - Expression Regulation and Biology of Genes Cloned from Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells

Miller, Ben Lab - Molecular Recognition & Biosensing

Miller, Jim Lab - T Cell Activation

Miller, Richard Lab - Perinatal Toxicology and Placentology

Minckley Lab - Ecology and evolutionary advantages of pollen specialization in bees

Mink Lab - Basal Ganglia in Normal Control of Movement

Mooney Lab - Bone diseases, particularly osteoporosis and osteoarthritis

Moore Group - Gradinet Index Nonimaging Design

Morrell Lab - Function of Platelets: Hemostastis/Thrombosis and Immune Regulatory Function

Mosmann Lab - Th1 and Th2 Subsets of CD4+ T Cells

Munger Lab - Mechanisms of Pathogenic Metabolic Manipulation


Nam Lab - Mechano-Biology of the Inner Ear Sensory System

Nedergaard Lab - Glial Disease and Therapeutics

Nehrke Lab - Integrative Physiology

Newlands Lab - Physiology of the Vestibular System

Noble Lab - Stem Cell Biology and Stem Cell Medicine

Nordeen, Ernest Lab - Hormonal control of neural and behavioral development

Nordeen, Kathy Lab - Neural Mechanisms Underlying Vocal Learning and Plasticity in Songbirds


O'Banion-Olschowka Labs - CNS Neuroinflammation Research

O'Connell Lab - Biochemical mechanisms of RNA-mediated gene regulation

O'Reilly Lab - Developmental Origins of Lung Disease Laboratory

Orr Lab - Speciation and the Genetics of Adaptation

Ovitt Lab - Salivary Gland Development and Regeneration


Paciorkowski Lab - Gene discovery in several related developmental brain disorders

Palis Lab - Ontogeny of Hematopoiesis; Erythroid Differentiation; Erythroid Precursor Self-Renewal; Hematopoiesis-Response to Radiation

Parker Lab - Sonoelatsticity Imaging Lab

Pasternak Lab - Cortical Circuitry Underlying Memory-Guided Sensory Decisions

Pavelka Lab - Cell envelopes of pathogenic bacteria

Pentland Lab - Role of Prostaglandins in skin carcinogenesis and in cell differentiation

Perkins Lab - Basic biomedical research on cancer, specifically focusing on two areas, leukemia and mammary cancer.

Phipps Lab - Antibody Production, to Lung and Cardiovascular Disease, to Ocular Diseases

Phizicky Lab - tRNA Biogenesis, Function & Quality Control

Pietropaoli Lab - Team approaches to patient-centered, clinical and translational investigation in sepsis and critical illness

Portman Lab - Sex Differences in the Development and Function of the C. elegans Nervous System

Presgraves Lab - Evolutionary genetics & genomics in Drosophila

Pröschel Lab - Glial Progenitor Cells

Pryhuber Lab - Inflammatory Neonatal Lung Injury.

Puzas Lab - Molecular and Cellular Biology of the Skeletal System


Quivey Lab - Focus on a bacterium, Streptococcus mutans, which colonizes the human mouth from the time of tooth eruption until death


Rahman, Arshad Lab - Signaling Mechanisms of Endothelial ICAM-1 Expression

Rahman, Irfan Lab - Oxidant and cigarette smoke-mediated lung inflammation.

Rand Lab - Developmental Neurotoxicity of Environmental Mercury

Rangel-Moreno Lab - Impact of neonate mice irradiation on the induction of pulmonary immunity against influenza infection

Refaai Lab - ABO antibodies and platelet function

Reichman Lab - Infectious Diseases

Respiratory Physiology Lab - Sleep apnea and the reversal of sedative-induced respiratory arrhythmias

RHIC Core Lab - Design and Develop Immunological Methods for Clinical Studies and Translational Research

Rich Lab - Cardiovascular, Respiratory, and Perinatal/Reproductive Health Effects of Exposures to Environmental Agents

Ritchlin Lab - Mechanisms That Underlie Pathologic Bone Resorption and New Bone Formation in Psoriatic and Rheumatoid Arthritis

Robert Lab - Evolution of Immune Surveillance, Tumor and Viral Immunity

Rolland Lab - Optical Diagnostics and Applications Laboratory

Romanski Lab - Prefrontal Cortex Research

Rothberg Lab - Organic Electronics and Biomolecular Sensing

Rustchenko-Bulgac Lab - Chromosome Instability

Ryan Lab - Uncovering the Biological Mechanisms of Radiation-Induced Skin Toxicities


Samuelson Lab - Understanding Aging at the Genetic, Molecular, Cellular, and Organismal Level

Sant Lab - Immunodominance in CD4 T Cell Responses

Sarelius Lab - Vascular Cell Communication and Signaling

Schieber Lab - Neural Control of Hand and Finger Movements

Schor Lab - Targeted Therapy for Neural Crest Tumors; Cell Signaling in Neurodegenerative Disease

Schwarz Lab - Bone Loss Research

Scott Lab - Signaling pathways of prostaglandins in human melanocytes and melanoma; the role of Plexin receptors in melanocyte and melanoma biology.

Sellix Lab - Clock-Controlled Gene Expression in the Ovary

Shand Lab - The Role of Immunologic "Danger Signaling" in Leukemia Immune Escape

Sharma Lab - Multimedia Security, Color Imaging, Image Processing, Signal processing for Bioinformatics/Communications

Shrager Lab - Neuron-Neuroglia Interactions

Shuttleworth Lab - The nature of the conductances responsible for this entry, and their specific roles in modulating the overall Ca2+ signal

Sia Lab - Mutagenesis and Repair of Mitochondrial DNA

Sime Lab - Mechanisms and Therapeutic Interventions in Lung Inflammation and Scarring; Chronic Obstructive Lung Disease (COPD)

Simon Lab - Optical Pattern Recognition Applied to Biological Problems

Singh Lab - Stem Cell & Disease Modeling Lab

Sleep and Neurophysiology Research Laboratory - Study of the causes, consequences, and treatments for insomnia.

Small Lab - Understanding how a cell can interpret biomechanical and humoral signals and activate a discrete transcriptional program during development or in response to injury.

Smith Lab - Messenger RNA Expression & Processing

Steiner Lab - Pediatric Biomedical Research

Susiarjo Lab - Epigenetics


Tadin Lab - Adaptive Spatial Interactions in Motion Perception

Takimoto Lab - Molecular Mechanisms of Paramyxovirus Infection, Replication and Assembly

Taubman Lab - The Role of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells in Regulating Inflammation and Thrombosis in the Arterial Wall

Thakar Lab - Delineation the effects of age, immunogenicity of the antigens, host genotype and host’s immune history using bioinformatics, systems biology and dynamic modeling tools.

The Rochester Center for Mind-Body Research (RCMBR) - Immune and related physiological responses.

Thornton Lab - Neurogenetic Disorders

Tivarus Lab - Clinical applications of functional MRI

Topham Lab - Respiratory Virus Immunity

Turner Lab - Forces Directing Nucleic Acid Chemistry, with Particular Emphasis on RNA Folding


VanWijngaarden Lab - The Potential Health Effects of Occupational and Environmental Exposures

Vascular Biology Lab - Cullen-Morrow-Redmond Labs

Vates Lab - Pituitary tumors


Waag Lab - Ultrasound

Walsh-Falsey Lab - Respiratory Tract Infections

Walter Lab - Brain Tumor Angiogenesis

Ward Lab - Mechanisms of Poxvirus Envelope Formation

Waugh Lab - Cell Deformability & Cell Adhesion

Wedekind Lab - Development of New HIV/AIDS Drugs, Antibiotics, & RNA-based Therapeutics

Welte Lab - Reguation of intracellular transport developmentally controlled protein sequestration

Werren Lab - Evolutionary genetics

Whipple, George H. Laboratory for Cancer Research - Sex hormones/nuclear receptors and Vitamin D/E effects on prostate/bladder cancer and other hormone-related diseases

White, Patricia Lab - Regeneration After Noise Induced Hearing Loss

White, R. James Lab - Vascular Biology of Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension (PAH)

Williams, David Lab - Adaptive Optics Research Lab

Williams, Jacqueline Lab - Radiation Exposure

Wismüller Lab - Developing Novel Intuitively Intelligible Computational Visualization Methods for the Exploratory Analysis of High-dimensional Data from Biomedical Imaging

Wu Lab - High-dimensional data analysis, survival analysis, machine learning, computational statistics, and computational biology and statistical genetics


Xia Lab - NMDA receptor signaling, protein phosphatase-1 (PP1) and CREB mediated gene transcription

Xie Lab - Stem cell translational application and tumor imaging

Xing Lab - Regulation of bone cell function in inflammatory bone loss

Xu Lab - Cancer Metastasis


Yan Lab - Regulation and Function of Cyclic Nucleotide Phosphodiesterases in the Cardiovascular System

Yang Lab - Structure and function of ion channels

Yao Lab - The understanding of pathophysiological function and molecular mechanism of new non-coding RNAs (and RBPs) and new modes of gene regulation in cardiac system and cardiovascular disease

Yarovinsky Lab - Cellular and molecular mechanisms that account for host resistance to protozoan parasites

Yoon, Geunyoung Lab - Advanced Physiological Optics Laboratory

Yu Lab - Functions & Mechanisms of RNA Modifications

Yule Lab - Intracellular Calcium Signaling in Cells


Zand Lab - Role of B Cells in Alloimmune Responses in Solid Organ Transplantation

Zavislan Lab - Confocal Imaging Group

Zent Lab - Lymphoid Malignancy Research

Zhang Lab - Skeletal repair and reconstruction

Zhao Lab - Cell Proliferation and Mammalian Cells

Zhong Lab - MRI Research Group

Zhu Lab - Host-Virus Interactions, Particularly for HIV and Herpes Viruses

Zuscik Lab - Fracture Repair and the Study of the Behavior of the Articular Chondrocyte

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