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Our lab is particularly interested in identifying novel host machineries that regulate viral life cycle and contribute to viral pathogenesis, and further investigating the molecular mechanisms underlining their functions. To achieve this goal, we are developing and employing cutting-edge systematic approaches, including proteomic and functional genomic tools, to unbiasedly identify previously unappreciated host genes that regulate viral transcription, transition of latency and reactivation, and viral oncogenesis for HIV and herpesviruses. Novel host genes are further studied thoroughly in our lab using classic approaches of virology, cellular and molecular biology. The long-term goal of our lab is to comprehensively study host-virus relationships at multiple levels (genetically, biochemically, and serologically), as well as to improve these studies with more quantitative, dynamic and in vivo settings. Small-molecule compounds targeting key host machineries are also under development for antiviral applications.

We are looking for talented and passionate undergraduate/graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to join us!