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We offer cutting-edge research programs in the areas of Autoimmune Disease, Biodefense, Cancer, Cell Biology, Genetics, Vacine Biology, and HIV/AIDS.

Microbiology and Immunology

The Department of Microbiology and Immunology is focused on research and educational programs which relate to microbial pathogens (viruses and prokaryotic and eukaryotic microbes) and the host immune defenses which protect against these organisms. Current research emphasizes cutting-edge molecular techniques and includes, but is not limited to, studies on: autoimmunity, biodefense, bioinformatics, biofilms, cancer biology, gene therapy, genetics and genomics, HIV/AIDS, immunologic mechanisms, respiratory pathogens (including influenza) and vaccine development.

Affiliated Centers & Programs

Department Highlights

  • The department is home to the only NIH-funded Respiratory Pathogens Research Center in the country.
  • The department is home to a NIH-funded Center for AIDS Research.
  • One of our graduate students was the co-inventor of the technology behind the current HPV vaccine.
  • Our past students currently occupy leadership positions in academia, the biotech industry and the government.


Upcoming Seminar

Microbiology and Immunology Research Showcase: Training in HIV Replication & Pathogenesis

John McAnany, Patrick Miller-Rhodes, Emily Weber, Zachary Hilt
Microbiology and Immunology

Mon, Jun 26 - 11:00 AM
MC MBI Conference Room (MRBX 2-11211)

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