Predoctoral Training Program in Immunology

The University of Rochester has been awarded a National Institutes of Health T32 Training Grant in Immunology. The grant provides specific educational and training opportunities, as well as stipend, health insurance and tuition support, for graduate students working with interdepartmental faculty advisors. Student trainees are chosen based on academic scholarship and potential.

Program Overview

Basic immunology research is driving new clinical therapeutics at an impressive rate. The goal of this T32 Predoctoral Training Program in Immunology is to train the next generation of leading researchers, critical thinkers and communicators in immunology. Our focus on pre-doctoral training in immunology within a trans-disciplinary and highly collaborative research environment will position our trainees to make important basic research contributions to seed the next generation of immune-therapeutics.

Foundational principles: 

  1.  A trans-disciplinary group with an emphasis on collaborative research  
  2. Provision of expertise and technology at the cutting-edge of immunological concepts including immune imaging, microbiome, metabolomics and bioinformatics/analytics of human immunological disease​
  3. A culture of critical thinking that stimulates curiosity and promotes self-directed learning 
  4. A supportive environment that underscores the importance of scientific rigor and reproducibility, scientific development and professional conduct. 
  5. Opportunities in the Broadening Experiences in Scientific Training Program (URBEST) that enables trainees to explore and develop critical skills for effective roles in diverse scientific research careers by providing training in leadership and professionalism.
  6. A strong emphasis on scientific communication to peers and the broader public.