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Principal Investigators

Jacques RobertJacques Robert, Ph.D.

  • Education: B.S. University of Geneva, Switzerland; Ph.D. University of Geneva, Switzerland; Post-doc Basel Institute for Immunology, Basel , Switzerland
  • Lab: Robert Jumping Frog lab
  • T32 association: Mentor since 2000, Associate Director 2018-present
  • Research Interests:  I’m interested by developmental and evolutionary aspects of immune surveillance, tumor and microbial immunity using the amphibian Xenopus as animal model. My lab has recently unveiled the importance of MHC class I-like restricted innate-like T cells outside mammals, particularly during early development and during immune responses against pox-like ranavirus (Iridoviridae) and mycobacteria. My lab is also interested in long-term effects of water pollutants on immune cell development and on immune homeostasis and antiviral immunity across the lifespan.
  • Best Immune cell/favorite factor:  innate-like T cells – a potential T cell forerunner in evolution of immune system
  • Fun fact:  I started adventure in science by collecting spiders and other little funny creatures in East Asia for the Natural History Museum of Geneva, following the path of Alfred Wallace, the famous naturalist who authored with Charles Darwin the first paper on evolution through natural selection.
  • Beyond the lab: Hiking, playing volley ball, reading books, passionate about opera and classical music.

Tim MosmannTim Mosmann, Ph.D.

Steering Committee

Edith LordEdith Lord, Ph.D.

Tim MosmannTim Mosmann, Ph.D.

Steve GeorasSteve Georas, M.D.

Andrea SantAndrea Sant, Ph.D.

Scott GerberScott Gerber, Ph.D.

External Advisory Board (EAB)

John Harty Ph.D.

Avery August Ph.D.

Sharon Evans Ph.D.

Suzanne Ostrand-Rosenberg Ph.D.

Student Liaison

Taylor Uccello