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Non-Matriculated Students

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You may register part-time for classes at the University of Rochester without applying to a certificate or degree program. This is considered a non-matriculated status. You may take any course for which you have met the pre-requisites or requirements of the course. See the current tuition and fee schedule for tuition costs.

If you choose to apply for admission to a certificate or degree program, these courses are included on your official transcript and may be considered for a future program of study:

  • Certificate programs – up to 3 credit hours
  • Master’s or PhD degree programs – up to 10 credit hours (or 3 courses)

We welcome you to the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. If you have questions or need additional assistance with your course registration, please contact us at (585) 275-4522.

Course Descriptions/Course Schedules

To view course descriptions and course schedules for the upcoming semester, please visit our online system.


Open registration periods for non-matriculated students are listed in the academic calendar.  If you have previously enrolled in courses at SMD as a non-matriculated student, you may register for coursework directly in UR Student.  If you have not previously been a student at the University of Rochester in a degree program, please follow the instructions below for New Non-matriculated students below.  Registration will be accepted after the registration close date with pre-payment of a $200 late registration fee to the School of Medicine and Dentistry Bursar's Office. Proof of late fee payment must be submitted with your registration forms.

New non-matriculated students wishing to enroll should complete a Non-matriculated Student Application Form and submit it to the University Registrar Office at: .  Once our office staff have created your student account, you will be informed to log into our new student system, UR Student.  You will then complete your status by verifying your information and completing a financial agreement in the student system before you will be able to register for courses. You will use the UR Student system to check the status of your registration request, check your schedule, pay your tuition bill and see your final grades.  Once you have registered for courses, you will use the Blackboard system to gain access to your course information.

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Adding/Dropping Courses after you have Registered

If you change your mind and no longer wish to take the course(s) in which you are enrolled, you must submit an add/drop form. Courses dropped prior to the start of the semester will result in no tuition charges. However, if you remain enrolled after the start of the semester, your refund for the course will be based on the date you submit the add/drop form to the Registrar's Office. Please note that you may be financially responsible for all or part of the tuition based upon the date you drop or withdraw from the course.


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