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Equity & Inclusion Educational Resources

Below is a list of educational opportunities that may be available to you if you are a member of a group that is under-represented in the School of Medicine and Dentistry. We encourage you to consider an application to our school and recognize our commitment to helping you succeed. UR Welcome Here. 

Equity and inclusion are core values at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Bringing these values and our institution’s vision to fruition requires an ongoing commitment to ensuring an inclusive, welcoming and supportive environment for everyone within our community. Our office closely works and shares resources with the University’s Office of Equity and Inclusion to cultivate a culture of inclusive excellence at both our School of Medicine and Dentistry and overall Medical Center.

Our Difference is Our Strength


  • PREP
    The Post-baccalaureate Research Education Program (PREP) is designed to encourage students from populations underrepresented in science and medicine who hold a recent baccalaureate degree in the biomedically relevant sciences, to pursue a research doctorate, and to prepare these trainees for careers as outstanding research scientists and leaders in the biomedical community.
  • Summer Scholars
    The Summer Scholars program is designed to encourage students from populations underrepresented in science and medicine who are interested in a PhD degree in the Biological or Biomedical Sciences and for students with a potential interest in attending graduate school at the University of Rochester. The summer program will provide enhanced research opportunities in Cellular and Molecular Biology to promising undergraduates, so as to encourage these students to pursue graduate education and careers in the Biological Sciences.


  • URSMD Meliora Scholarship
    This prestigious and generous scholarship will be awarded to one or more incoming PhD students who demonstrate exceptional promise for success at UofR. The Meliora Scholarship provides a one-time award during the first semester in addition to the standard full-tuition PhD scholarship, stipend, and paid health insurance. Awardees are notified at the time of admission and are nominated by faculty reviewers.
  • Clinical Medical Technology program full scholarship
    The Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine is proud to offer a scholarship, representing the full cost of tuition for those whose background is underrepresented in the School of Medicine and Dentistry. The scholarship is contingent on acceptance into the Clinical Medical Technology Advanced Certificate Program. Visit the program page for more details and to apply.
  • Application fee waiver
    An offer for all students meeting selected criteria to have their application fee waived to any PhD, MS, or Adv Cert program regardless of their application date. Email for more details.


You'll find cutting edge research on hundreds of topics undertaken by several thousand students, postdocs, and faculty researchers at the University of Rochester, fueled by over $140M in annual grants from NIH and additional funding from other granting agencies.

Visit our Research Newsroom to catch the latest headlines and check out these few projects below that exemplify our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through our collective work.

  • Researchers across multiple labs affiliated with our PhD Toxicology program, currently investigate the impact of environmental contaminants on health and are discovering growing evidence that racial disparities contribute to the larger risk assessment picture in relation to exposures and access to health care.
  • Recent studies by the Portman Lab, affiliated with the PhD programs in Genetics, Development, and Stem Cells and Neuroscience, suggest that the assignment of biological sex at the molecular and cellular level is dynamic and flexible, rather than binary and static. This work, carried out in the nematode C. elegans, was recently published in Current Biology. Learn more in the NeURoscience blog post: Study: Biology Blurs Line Between Sexes, Behaviors.
  • Neuroscience faculty Patricia White conducts research on hearing signaling and restoration. Read about her projects. MD/PhD Neuroscience student Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus holds a grant from the National Center for Deafness and Communication Disorders for his research work. Learn more in the NeURoscience blog post: Student Spotlight: Ian DeAndrea-Lazarus.

Additional Resources

  • Equity & Anti-racism action plan
    In October 2020 the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) released its Equity and Anti-Racism Action Plan, a five-year effort to strengthen diversity and inclusion at the Medical Center, address inequities in patient care and reduce health disparities in the Rochester community.
  • Student Clubs and Affinity Groups
    The School of Medicine & Dentistry offers 20 graduate student groups to help build your sense of community as a student here. Our affinity organizations serve students in populations including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, Veterans, women, young families, and more. And you can even start a club or organization if you have a special interest that you'd like to share. Check out our student groups.
  • Neuroscience Diversity Commission
    The Del Monte Institute for Neuroscience subscribes to the values of the University and Medical Center; we are committed to Meliora–and strive to be ever better. To continue this work, the Del Monte Institute has established the Neuroscience Diversity Commission, to provide strategic vision and leadership.