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C. Elegans

Portman Lab

Sex Differences in Neurobiology, Behavior and Disease

Portman labThough the existence of two sexes is a fundamental characteristic of nearly all animal species, the way biological sex brings about sex differences in the brain and behavior is poorly understood. Moreover, susceptibility to a host of human neurological and mental health disorders is strongly influenced by gender, but in most cases the biological bases for these differences remain opaque. Our research uses a simple, experimentally tractable model system – the small soil nematode C. elegans – to shed light on the genetic underpinnings of sex differences in neural development, behavior, and disease susceptibility.

Our research is made possible by current and past grant support from the National Institutes of Health (NINDS, NIGMS, and NIDDK), the National Science Foundation, Autism Speaks and the PKD Foundation.

Douglas Stuart Portman, Ph.D.

Douglas Stuart Portman, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


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  Douglas Portman, Ph.D.
University of Rochester Medical Center
Neurology, Center for Neurotherapeutics Discovery
Box 645
601 Elmwood Avenue
Rochester, NY 14642

 (585) 275-7414

 We're located in the Kornberg Medical Research Building at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. For driving directions, click on the red circle on the map. Parking is available in a small lot in front of our building. Enter through front doors and then go through the doors on immediately on your right to enter the KMRB atrium. Walk past the coffee cart, go halfway up the short flight of steps on the right and take the elevator up to 1. From the phone by the locked doors, call x5-7414 (Doug) or x5-7915 (Lab) to let us know you’re here.

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