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Postdoc Jobs at SMD

This page lists some of the postdoctoral positions currently available at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry. This list is not comprehensive as many principal investigators advertise available postdoctoral positions in scholarly publications and on the internet. Additionally, many principal investigators do not advertise their postdoctoral positions, preferring to meet with potential postdocs at professional meetings or in response to presentations.

The University of Rochester is an equal opportunity employer and is committed to providing employment opportunities to all qualified applicants without regard to race, sex, age, color, national origin, ethnicity, creed, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, gender identify, marital status, pregnancy or veteran status.

Date Added Contact Department/Lab Description

Dr. Jacques Robert

Department of Microbiology and Immunology, The Jumping Frog Lab

Postdoctoral positions are available in the lab of Dr. Jacques Robert to join a cohesive, dynamic and interactive research team studying the evolution, development and function of nonclassical MHC and innate T cells in tolerigenic immune responses against pathogens such as viruses and mycobacteria using the amphibian Xenopus as experimental organism. See attached for full description.

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Dr. Isaac Harris

Department of Biomedical Genetics

A postdoctoral position is available in the lab of Dr. Isaac Harris in the Department of Biomedical Genetics at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Wilmot Cancer Institute in Rochester, NY, to study the roles of antioxidants in cancer.

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Eileen Redmond

Dept. of Surgery (Research Division)

An NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the Redmond Vascular Biology research laboratory at the University of Rochester (Department of Surgery’s Research Division). This lab investigates the cardiovascular system as a biological target for alcohol using state-of-the-art in vitro and in vivo approaches. Current projects, in the context of atherosclerosis, are focused on regulation of vascular cell plasticity. We are seeking a highly motivated individual with a proactive attitude and excellent bench and communication skills, and the ability to work both independently and collaboratively. The job involves designing and conducting research projects, presenting at conferences, writing manuscripts, and mentoring students/residents. The Pl and research team will closely work with the successful candidate for training in all these aspects, and the candidate will be encouraged to apply for independent fellowship grants.

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Sarkar Souvarish

The Envi-Gene Lab

NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the Envi-Gene Lab (PI: Dr. Souvarish Sarkar) in the Department of Environmental Medicine at the University of Rochester Medical Center to study genetic modifiers of environmental factors in disease etiology using combination of Drosophila genetics, cell culture, and rodent models. 

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5/26/2023 Dr. Eric Small The laboratory of Dr. Eric M. Small in the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at the University of Rochester

NIH-funded postdoctoral position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Eric M. Small in the Cardiovascular Research Institute (CVRI) at the University of Rochester to study the molecular mechanisms leading to cardiac fibrosis in ischemic heart disease and arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy.

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5/23/2023 Molly Lomondo The Department of Radiation Oncology

The visiting researcher position involves working under the guidance of the principal investigator to conduct research aimed at characterizing the impact of genetic variations in the single nucleotide sequence on radiation therapy induced late-term toxicity. The primary responsibility of the visiting researcher will be to design and execute experiments to investigate the relationship between genetic variations and the development of late-term toxicity in patients receiving radiation therapy using cell lines and animal models. 

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5/23/2023 Xinping Zhang Center for Musculoskeletal Research

A postdoctoral fellow position is available in the center for musculoskeletal research at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. We are seeking for a highly motivated individual to join the NIH funded research programs to study bone tissue vascularization during repair and regeneration. The research program integrates bone tissue engineering, vascular biology, and skeletal biology with an emphasis on molecular and cellular control of bone specialized blood vessel formation during repair and regeneration. The successful candidate will work with a team of scientists to study progenitor cell interaction with angiogenic cells utilizing genetic, imaging and engineering approaches. The candidate will have access to cutting-edge imaging, genetic and engineering models/facilities to understand mechanisms of bone repair and regeneration.

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4/11/2023  Steve Georas Laboratory of Steve N. Georas, M.D.

Postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Steve N. Georas, M.D. at the University of Rochester School of Medicine. The laboratory studies airway epithelial dysfunction in asthma, with a focus on epithelial barrier dysfunction. We are seeking a highly motivated M.D. or Ph.D. with excellent communication skills and prior experience in epithelial cell biology.

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3/16/2023  Dr. Hugh Xia Neuroscience

Postdoctoral researcher positions funded by NIH are available to study synaptic mechanisms underlying intellectual disability, epilepsy and early onset Parkinsonism.

We use transgenic mouse models, including lines mimicking human de novo mutation, for these studies. We also use lentivirus injection, in combination with (flox/+) mice or shRNA knockdown to study the effect of many human de novo mutations in protein phosphatases on synaptic functions. More information on our research can be found on our website:

Required Qualifications: • PhD in Neuroscience, Pharmacology, Physiology or other related field or MD. Candidate with experience in mouse studies and/or cellular electrophysiology is preferred. Candidate with more than 5 years of postdoctoral experience will be eligible for the research scientist title.

Applicant Instructions: Interested candidates should send the CV and names of three references to Dr. Hugh Xia, email: Position will remain open until filled.

3/9/2023  Farran Briggs, Ph.D. Neuroscience

New post-doctoral positions are available immediately for outstanding candidates in visual systems neuroscience

Two NIH-funded positions available to work on the following projects:

  1. Developing novel virus-mediated circuit tracing & optogenetic manipulation methods for targeting visual cortico-cortical circuits in NHPs
  2. Utilizing virus-mediated optogenetic manipulation to study corticothalamic circuits in NHPs

Both projects involve collaborations with labs at the University of Rochester as well as with Drs. Pasupathy & Bair at the University of Washington, providing opportunities for cross-lab/institutional training and experiences. Applicants should have strong practical knowledge of visual system neurophysiology. Candidates with prior experience with optogenetics, virus-mediated circuit tracing, and/or neuroanatomy in NHPs are especially encouraged to apply. Competitive salary and benefits that conform to NIH requirements will be offered, commensurate with experience. Applicants from backgrounds less well represented in neuroscience are strongly encouraged to apply.

To apply, send a letter of application, CV, and the names of three references to:
Farran Briggs, Ph.D. 
Associate Professor of Neuroscience and Brain & Cognitive Sciences

3/8/2023  Ashkan Ertefaie, PhD Department of Biostatistics and Computational Biology at the University of Rochester

A postdoctoral research fellowship (up to 2 years) is available under the direction of Ashkan Ertefaie, PhD (Associate Professor of Biostatistics, University of Rochester) and Michael McDermott, PhD (Professor of Biostatistics, University of Rochester).

This position is supported by an NIH-funded grant focused on adjusting for partial compliance in sequential decision making.

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3/2/2023  Dr. Matthew McCall Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Postdoctoral Position in Biostatistics and Computational Biology

Dr. Matthew N McCall is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research associate to join his research group at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC). This position is funded by an NIH/NIGMS R01 grant to develop novel methods for microRNA-seq data; however, the postdoctoral researcher will have the flexibility to engage in additional research areas.

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Peng Yao

Yao laboratory

Postdoctoral Associate Position from University of Rochester Medical Center

A full-time postdoctoral associate position is available in Dr. Peng Yao’s laboratory in Aab Cardiovascular Research Institute at the University of Rochester Medical Center. Research in the Yao laboratory focuses on the roles of RNA-binding proteins and noncoding RNAs in cardiovascular health and disease.

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Dr. Yi-Tao Yu

Biochemistry and Biophysics 

Postdoctoral Position in the Yu Lab

A Post-Doctoral Positions is available in the Yu Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center in Rochester, NY. Applicants should hold a PhD or MD/PhD degree(s) and have expertise in molecular or cellular biology to study one of many ongoing projects: Nonsense suppression by RNA-guided RNA modification. Although not required, a computational or RNA biology background would facilitate the project. 

Full Postdoctoral Position Description

2/16/2023 Paul Dunman & Rachel Wozniak Microbiology & Immunology

Two Post-Doctoral trainee positions are available at the University of Rochester within the Department of Microbiology and Immunology to support research in antimicrobial drug discovery and development. Successful applicants should have a strong background in microbiology, translational research, molecular genetics, and/or analysis of pre-clinical or complex datasets.

Full Microbiology & Immunology Postdoctoral Position Description


Dr. Stephen Hammes

Department/Lab is Department of Medicine- Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism

Postdoctoral positions are available in the laboratory of Stephen R Hammes, M.D., Ph.D., Chief of Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism at the University of Rochester School of Medicine.

 The laboratory studies steroid hormone production and signaling at basic and translational levels, with a focus on the roles of steroids and the immune microenvironment in steroid-sensitive cancers such as prostate and lymphangioleiomyomatosis (LAM).  The lab also studies androgen effects in the ovary.  A highly motivated M.D. or Ph.D. with training in molecular biology and experience in handling mice is required.  Please send a CV and cover letter to


Elizabeth (Liz) Leverenz 

Biochemistry & Biophysics, Oncology, and Pediatrics, and of Otolaryngology

There is a full-time laboratory technician, post-doc or lab manager position available now in the Sakano and Maquat Labs to assist in day-to-day operations and perform experiments to study fragile X syndrome, the most common single-gene cause of intellectual disability and autism spectrum disorder.  

Responsibilities consist of overall lab maintenance, including ordering reagents and supplies; molecular biology experiments, including working with mice, mammalian cell culture, and analyses of proteins by western blotting and RNAs by RT-qPCR; and record keeping. Organizational skills are critical. Prior laboratory experience is optimal. Requirements for lab tech: BA/BS in Biochemistry, Chemistry, Biology, Neuroscience, Biomedical Engineering or a related field; Requirements for post-doc or lab manager: PhD in one of the fields specified above.
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