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Keane Lab

Welcome to the Keane Vision & Psychosis Lab

Our brains are faced with the formidable challenge of having to parse and make sense of a kaleidoscope of incoming visual information.  Healthy people segment scenes effortlessly but people with psychosis exhibit specific impairments linked to diagnosis, symptom severity, premorbid functioning, and age of onset.  A major goal of the lab is to harness tools of behavioral psychophysics and functional neuroimaging to understand the neural and information processes that underlie visual object perception, both in healthy and psychotic populations. 

Selected Publications

  1. Keane, B.P., Barch, D.M., Mill, R.D., Silverstein, S.M., Krekelberg, B., Cole, M.W., 2021. Brain network mechanisms of visual shape completion. Neuroimage 236, 118069.
  2. Keane B.P., Paterno D., Kastner S., Krekelberg B., Silverstein S.M., 2019. Intact illusory contour formation but equivalently impaired visual shape completion in first- and later-episode schizophrenia.. Journal of Abnormal Psychology 128(1)
  3. Keane, B.P., 2018. Contour interpolation: A case study in Modularity of Mind. Cognition 174, 1–18.
  4. Keane, B.P., Cruz, L.N., Paterno, D., Silverstein, S.M., 2018. Self-reported visual perceptual abnormalities are strongly associated with core clinical features in psychotic disorders. Frontiers in Psychiatry 9, 1–10.
  5. Keane, B.P., Paterno, D., Kastner, S., Silverstein, S.M., 2016. Visual integration dysfunction in schizophrenia arises by the first psychotic episode and worsens with illness duration. J Abnorm Psychol 125, 543–549.
  6. Keane, B.P., Silverstein, S.M., Wang, Y., Papathomas, T.V., 2013. Reduced depth inversion illusions in schizophrenia are state-specific and occur for multiple object types and viewing conditions. J Abnorm Psychol 122, 506–512.

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We are recruiting study participants! We also occasionally have paid and volunteer research positions available.
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Neural basis of size contrast “Ebbinghaus” illusions in health and psychosis

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Neural basis and stimulus conditions for contour integration deficits in psychosis

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