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Marcos Lab

Welcome to the Marcos Lab

The overall objective of our laboratory is to gain understanding of the interplay of structural, biomechanical and optical properties of the eye, their impact on retinal image quality, and the limits they impose to visual function and perception.

For these quests we develop sophisticated optical technologies (polychromatic adaptive optics systems; visual simulators ocular multiphoton microscopy; quantitative 3D optical coherence tomography; dynamic imaging) which allow us to quantify the ocular structure (from collagen organization to cornea and lens morphology), reconstruct corneal and scleral biomechanics, measure monochromatic and polychromatic aberrations of the eye and test vision under manipulated optics.

We use imaging, psychophysics and modeling to understand, simulate, model and probe basic mechanisms in corneal disease, lens aging and myopia.  Furthermore, our studies allow us to shed insights into the principles of function of optical and surgical vision correction alternatives, and inspire us in the optimization and design of new ocular treatments (lenses, implants and surgical approaches). Many of these efforts have resulted in new diagnostic instruments and optical corrections that have made their way to clinical products and clinical practice. 

Susana Marcos, Ph.D.

Susana Marcos, Ph.D.
Principal Investigator


Polychromatic Adaptive Optics Simulation

Polychromatic Adaptive Optics Visual Simulation

Vision Simulation

Effects of multifocality on vision in presbyopia and myopia

Lens Selection

Customizing selection of intraocular lens implantation


Collagen organization in cornea and sclera

OCT Biomechanics

Optical Coherence Tomography-based ocular biometry and biomechanics

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Polychromatic Adaptive Optics Simulation


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  Marcos Lab
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