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Susana Marcos, Ph.D.

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Susana Marcos is an acclaimed researcher in the field of visual optics and ocular imaging. She is a pioneer in the development of new techniques for the evaluation of the eye, including retinal imaging instruments, aberrometers, adaptive optics, anterior segment imaging of the eye and intraocular lens designs.

Dr. Marcos earned her Bachelor and PhD degrees in Physics at the University of Salamanca, Spain. Before coming to Rochester, she was Director of the Institute of Optics, CSIC (2008-2012), Spain, and Professor of Research at CSIC, where she founded the Visual Optics and Biophonics Lab in 2000. Prior to her tenure at CSIC (the top research institution in Spain, and #7 public research institution in the world), she was a postdoctoral Fellow (funded by Fulbright and Human Frontier Fellowships) at the Schepens Eye Research Institute (Harvard Medical School).

In July 2021 she was appointed Director of CVS, with dual affiliation in Optics and in Ophthalmology at the University of Rochester. She holds a “Viculated Doctorship” at the Institute of Optics, where she supervises a multidisciplinary, international team of more than 25 members. Her research programs at the University of Rochester address emerging technologies for myopia, presbyopia and cataract corrections.

Professor Marcos has published more than 180 highly cited research articles, and is the inventor of 20 patent families (14 licensed to the industry). Her research has been key in spin-off companies Plenoptika and 2EyesVision, which she co-funded in 2015. These companies commercialize the Quicksee and the SimVis technologies respectively.

Dr. Marcos has supervised 20 doctoral theses and delivered more than 250 talks at international conferences.

She has led publicly and privately funded projects including European Research Council Advanced Grants PRESBYOPIA and SILK-EYE, H2020-ICT Innovation Action IMCUSTOMEYE, ERC Proof of Concept Grants OCT4IOL, SimVisSim and LIGHT-IOL, ITN-Marie Sklodowska -Curie Actions OPAL and MyFUN.

Recognitions to her work include the Adolph Lomb Medal (Optical Society), ICO Prize (International Commission for Optics), Doctor Honoris Causa by the Ukraine Academy of Science and Technology, OSA Fellow, EOS Fellow, ARVO Fellow, Alcon Research Institute Award, Borish Scholar Award (Indiana University), Physics, Innovation and Technology Award (Royal Spanish Society of Physics-BBVA Foundation), Honor Plate of the Spanish Association of Scientists, Julio Pelaez Award to Women Engineers (Tatiana Perez de Guzman el Bueno Foundation), Ramón y Cajal Medal (Royal Academy of Sciences), King Jaime I Award, and National Research Award in Engineering (Government of Spain), the two latter awarded by the King of Spain.

Marcos is actively involved in professional societies and has served in various positions at the Optical Society (among many others as Director-at-Large, and currently in the Publications Council), The Spanish Society of Optics, Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology, and the MIT M + Vision Consortium.

She has been an editor for Vision Research, Biomedical Optics Express, Optica (OSA), and Scientific Culture Editorial Board (CSIC). Marcos has also been President of the Technical Scientific Committee of the National Research Agency, and she is a member of numerous advisory boards in international organizations and companies.


University of Salamanca Honorary Alumna
Sponsor: University of Salamanca

Best Entrepreneurial Idea
Sponsor: Revista Emprendedores
Location: Spain

Julio Pelaez Award to Women Pioneers in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics
Sponsor: Fundacion Tatiana Perez de Guzman el Bueno

National Research Award in Engineering "Leonardo Torres Quevedo"

Santiago Ramón y Cajal Medal
Sponsor: Royal Academy of Sciences

King Jaime I Award (New Technologies)

"Plaque of Honor" Spanish Association of Science
Sponsor: Spanish Association of Science

Member of III Spanish Selection of Science

Borish Scholar Award
Sponsor: Indiana University

Alcon Research Institute Award

Physics, Innovation and Technology
Sponsor: Roya Spanish Physics Society - Foundation BBVA Real

ARVO Fellow
Sponsor: ARVO

2012 - 2014
ERC Advanced Grants (European Research Council

Doctor Honoris Causa
Sponsor: Academy of Sciences and Technology of Ucrania

Best Patent of the Year
Sponsor: Health Sciences and Biotechnology
Location: Fundación Madrid+d

EOS Fellow
Sponsor: European Optical Society

Adolph Lomb Medal
Sponsor: Optical Society of America

Founders Wavefront Award
Sponsor: 2nd International Congress on Wavefront Sensing

Doctoral Thesis Extraordinary Award
Sponsor: University of Salamanca
Location: Salamanca, Spain

Associate Award
Sponsor: Congress on Wavefront and Presbyopic Refractive Corrections

European Young Investigator Award (EURYI)
Sponsor: EURHORCs- European Science Foundation

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Journal Articles

Summers JA, Schaeffel F, Marcos S, Wu H, Tkatchenko AV. "Functional integration of eye tissues and refractive eye development: Mechanisms and pathways." Experimental eye research.. 2021 Jul 3; 209:108693. Epub 2021 Jul 03.

Vedhakrishnan S, Vinas M, Aissati S, Marcos S. "Vision with spatial light modulator simulating multifocal contact lenses in an adaptive optics system." Biomedical optics express.. 2021 May 1; 12(5):2859-2872. Epub 2021 Apr 21.

Marcos S, Martinez-Enriquez E, Vinas M, de Castro A, Dorronsoro C, Bang SP, Yoon G, Artal P. "Simulating Outcomes of Cataract Surgery: Important Advances in Ophthalmology." Annual review of biomedical engineering.. 2021 Apr 13; Epub 2021 Apr 13.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Probing ocular mechanics with light
Book Title: Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 2018
Author List: Susana Marcos, Giuliano Scarcelli, Antoine Ramier and Seok H. Yung
Edited By: Bob D. Guenther and Duncan Steel
Published By: Slsevier 2018

Chapter Title: Neural adaptation to blur
Book Title: Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 2017
Author List: Michael A. Webster and Susana Marcos
Edited By: Pablo Artal
Published By: Taylor and Francis 2017

Chapter Title: Monochromatic aberrations
Book Title: Encyclopedia of Modern Optics, 2017
Author List: Susana Marcos, Pablo Perez-Merino and Carlos Dorronsoro
Edited By: Pablo Artel
Published By: Taylor and Francis 2017