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Schizophrenia Treatment and Research Laboratory (STAR)

Welcome to the Schizophrenia Treatment and Research Laboratory

The URMC Department of Psychiatry has a long and distinguished history of innovation and research related to understanding and treatment of people with schizophrenia and related disorders.  Early landmarks include development of one of the nation’s first public-academic liaisons under founding chair Dr. John Romano, groundbreaking family research under Dr. Lyman Wynne, and the innovative Monroe-Livingston Demonstration Project under Dr. Haroutun Babigian.

Strong Ties Community Support Program was developed during 1990’s under chair Dr. Eric D. Caine as a springboard for study and treatment of adults with severe and persistent mental illness.  Under leadership of Drs. Marvin Herz and J. Steven Lamberti, Strong Ties became the primary site for studies examining novel psychopharmacological and psychosocial treatment strategies.

As part of the national Schizophrenia Trials Network during the early 2000’s, Dr. Lamberti and his colleagues initiated several important clinical trials, including the NIMH CATIE, ACLAIMS, CAMP and e-CAESAR studies.  Recent research efforts have featured both national and international collaborations with a common purpose; to improve the lives of people with schizophrenia and their families through generation and dissemination of new knowledge. 

View the latest issue of NeURoscience highlighting the work of Dr. Silverstein, Dr. Thompson and Dr. Keane.  

STAR Faculty and Staff


J. Steven Lamberti, MD
Professor, Psychiatry


Robert L. Weisman, DO
Professor, Psychiatry


Annabel Fu, MD
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry


Telva Olivares, MD
Clinical Professor, Psychiatry


David Jacobowitz, MA
Health Project Coordinator, Psychiatry


Tamara Bilinski, MA
Health Project Coordinator, Psychiatry


Brian Keane, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry


Steven Silverstein, PhD
Professor, Psychiatry


Judy Thompson, PhD
Assistant Professor, Psychiatry

Collaborating Faculty

David Dodell-Feder, PhD
Assistant Professor, Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Susanne Miedlich, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Endocrine and Metabolism, Department of Medicine

Geoffrey C. Williams, MD
PhD, Professor, Department of Medicine, Department of Clinical and Social Sciences in Psychology

Marsha Wittink, MD, MBE
Associate Professor, Departments of Family Medicine and Psychiatry

Catherine Cerulli, JD, PhD
Professor, Department of Psychiatry

Recent STAR Publications

  • Fan Y, Ma N, Ma L, Xu W, Lamberti JS, Caine ED.  A community-based peer support service for persons with severe mental illness in China.  BMC Psychiatry, 18:170, 2018.
  • Brink M, Green A, Bojesen AB, Lamberti JS, Conwell Y, Andersen K.  Excess medical comorbidity and mortality across the lifespan in schizophrenia.  A nationwide Danish register study.  Schizophrenia Research, 206:347 – 354, 2019.
  • Mahncke HW, Kim S, Rose A, Stasio C, Buckley P, Caroff S, Duncan E, Yasmin S, Jarskog LF, Lamberti JS, Nuechterlein K, Strassnig M, Velligan D, Ventura J, Walker T, Stroup TS. Evaluation of a plasticity-based cognitive training program in schizophrenia:  Results from the eCaesar trial (In Press:  Schizophrenia Research).
  • Haselden M, Corbeil T, Fei T, Olfson M, Dixon LB, Essock SM, Wall MM, Radigan M, Frimpong E, Wang R, Lamberti JS, Schneider M, Smith TE.  Family involvement in psychiatric hospitalization:  Associations with discharge planning and aftercare attendance (In Press:  Psychiatric Services).
  • Martina A, Justin E, Lamberti JS.  A case report of clozapine-associated agranulocytosis managed with lithium (In Press: Schizophrenia Research).
  • Smith TE, Haselden M, Corbeil T, Tang F, Radigan M, Essock SM, Wall MM, Dixon LB, Wang R, Frimpong E, Lamberti S, Schneider M, Olfson M: Continuity of care and discharge planning for hospital psychiatric admissions (In Press:  Psychiatric Services).
  • Perlis LT, Lamberti JS, Miedlich SU.  GLP Analogues Are Superior for Diabetes and Weight Control in Patients on Antipsychotic Medications – A Retrospective Cohort Study (In Press: Journal of Clinical Psychiatry).
  • Fan Y, Ma N, Ma L, Xu W, Lamberti JS, Caine ED.  A pilot trial of effectiveness of community-based peer support service among people with severe mental illness in China (Under Review: BMC Psychiatry).
  • Lamberti JS, Katsetos V, Jacobowitz D, Weisman RL.  Psychosis, mania and criminal recidivism:  Associations and implications for prevention.  (Under Review:  Harvard Review of Psychiatry).


Contact Us

  Schizophrenia Treatment and Research Laboratory (STAR)
J. Steven Lamberti, MD
Professor of Psychiatry
University of Rochester Medical Center
2613 W. Henrietta Road
Rochester, NY, 14623