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Zhong Lab

Zhong Lab

Group members and family/friends at Letchworth Park


The Zhong group has been focusing on advanced techniques for MR brain diffusion and functional imaging, quantitative analysis of brain structural and functional networks, and fast MR imaging techniques. These advance techniques have been applied to MRI and fMRI studies in neuroscience, translational medicine and individual longitudinal imaging analysis. Four main themes of work are:

The members of the group collaborate extensively with other researchers and clinicians, in the School of Medicine as well as River Campus and affiliated laboratories, to focus their multidisciplinary talents on problems to which imaging may contribute useful information. They also are engaged in fundamental studies designed to enhance the performance of MR imaging methods, and to better understand the nature of the information obtainable by different MRI techniques. Members of the Division undertake undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral teaching and training at University of Rochester.