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For Students

Educational Opportunities

A variety of opportunities are available within the Program for graduate study at both the pre- and post-doctoral levels of study. In addition, undergraduates and medical students participate in the activities of the Program by completing their senior research projects under the direction of members of the faculty of the Program.

Pre-doctoral students are typically admitted to programs in Engineering or Physics programs and follow a program of course study that will complement their research activities within the Program. Members of the Program teach a number of courses that are part of these offerings, including: Introduction to Medical Imaging, MRI: from Spins to Brains, and Medical Imaging Processing. Graduate opportunities are usually administered via the School of Engineering and Applied Science or School of Arts and Sciences.

Post-doctoral students primarily perform focused research in collaborations with their faculty advisors in the Program, but can also take advantage of course offerings through the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences and the School of Medicine & Dentistry.