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Welcome to the Wismüller Lab

  • Wismuller Research - Group Photo
  • Wismuller Research - Image of Brain
  • Wismuller Research - Group Photo
  • Wismuller Research - Group Photo
  • Wismuller Research - Group Photo

The mission of Professor Wismüller's research group is to develop novel intuitively intelligible computational visualization methods for the exploratory analysis of high-dimensional data from biomedical imaging. Specifically, the focus of our research is on developing robust and adaptive systems for computer-aided analysis and visualization which combine principles and computational strategies inspired by biology with machine learning and image processing/computer vision approaches from electrical engineering and computer science.

Research efforts in Professor Wismüller's group are taking place at two complementary levels:

  • Mathematical algorithms for computational image analysis
  • Pattern recognition in clinical real-world applications

Application areas range from functional MRI for human brain mapping, MRI mammography for breast cancer diagnosis, image segmentation in Multiple Sclerosis and Alzheimer's Dementia to multi-modality fusion, biomedical time-series analysis, and quantitative bio-imaging. Professor Wismüller's laboratory is located in the Rochester Center for Brain Imaging, which houses a whole body 3T Siemens MRI Scanner and several high field magnets.