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Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology (BSCB) PhD Program

The Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology (BSCB) program at the University of Rochester Medical Center is one of the oldest Biophysics PhD programs in the country and it continues to offer a record of excellence in research and teaching. The students trained in the program typically go on to positions of leadership in academia and industry. We invite you to explore this website and to contact anyone in our program with questions regarding our research or training program.

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Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology Group

The Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology Program is primarily designed for students interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in Biophysics. It operates within the broader context of the program for Graduate Education in Biomedical Sciences of the University of Rochester Medical Center. Students interested in obtaining a Ph.D. in Biophysics should apply to the BSCB program for admission to graduate studies at the University of Rochester Medical Center.

Major features of the Biophysics, Structural & Computational Biology (BSCB) program at the University of Rochester:

  • Diverse research programs at the forefront of scientific knowledge. Research areas include: Cellular and Membrane Biophysics, Genomics, Macromolecular Folding & Design, Membrane Proteins, Nucleic Acid Structure & Function, Protein Structure & Function. Each research area has several active laboratories. For more information, see our research page.
  • Location at a respected center for biomedical research that has recently undergone a major expansion.
  • An interdepartmental program including faculty from the Departments of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Biomedical Engineering, Chemistry, Optics, Pharmacology and Physiology, Physics, and Radiology.
  • A personalized approach to education allowing maximal flexibility and personal attention.
  • Access to outstanding facilities for research.
  • Programs of instruction tailored for students with backgrounds ranging from pure physics to biochemistry and biophysics.
  • An excellent history of placing graduates in academic and industrial positions
  • Conveniently located near the outstanding cultural and recreational opportunities of the city of Rochester and the Finger Lakes region of Upstate New York.


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What Our Students Say...


"I chose to move to Rochester because I thought it would be exciting to experience all four seasons (yes, even the winter)! During my undergraduate career, I had also cited some papers from my current research adviser and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to work with him. U of R and the city itself has a rich history in optical sciences, which bridges into my current research focus and I hoped that moving here would provide me a great multi-disciplinary training experience.

I really enjoy the amount of interaction with the other students as well as faculty throughout the coursework and other opportunities in the program. This allows us all to build a very strong professional and personal connection with one another."

Wesley Chiang


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