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Current BSCB Student Composite


Sara Ali
Sara Ali, MS

Research Interest:

Identifying structurally conserved motifs in Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)

Joseph Bucukovski
Joseph Bucukovski, MS

Research Interest:

Developing a tendon-on-a-chip model with integrated photonic sensors to detect tendinopathic biomarkers in situ

Wesley Chiang
Wesley Chiang, MS

Research Interest:

Constructing a Quantum Dot Biomimetic of SARS-CoV-2 to Interrogate COVID-19 Associated Neuropathophysiology

Xueyang He
Xueyang He, MS

Research Interest:

Modeling the effects of cancer-associated spliceosome mutations and identifying driving intronic features using deep-learning neural networks

Seth Jones
Seth Jones
First Year
Gabrielle Kosoy
Gabrielle Kosoy, MS

Research Interest:

A biophysical approach to studying anti-influenza antibody affinity with respect to antigen presentation and context

Abby Manning
Abby Manning
First Year
Megan Miaro
Megan Miaro
First Year
Abhinav Mittal
Abhinav Mittal, MS

Research Interest:

Inferring RNA Secondary Structure Using a Multiple Homologous Sequence Alignment

Mukta Palshikar
Mukta Palshikar, MS

Research Interest:

Executable Models of Pathways Built Using Single-cell RNA-seq Data Reveal Atherosclerosis-associated Signaling Dysregulations

Ashlin Poruthoor
Ashlin Poruthoor, MS

Research Interest:

Estimating the Free Energy Landscape of Phase Separation in Lipid Bilayers

Emily Robinson
Emily Robinson, MS

Research Interest:

Application of Molecular Dynamics to Elucidate Key Binding Interactions for the Development of Therapeutics Against Opioid Overdose

Nicholas Rugelis
Nicholas Rugelis

Research Interest:

Understanding how H1s condense chromatin and contribute to regulating gene expression through investigating the H1-nucleosome binding mode

James Seuch
James Seuch

Research Interest:

Seven-Dimensional Clustering of RNA Backbone Conformations to Define RNA ‘Suites’

Akshara Sharma
Akshara Sharma
First Year
Yoshita Srivastava
Yoshita Srivastava, MS

Research Interest:

Optimization of an HIV TAR-RNA-binding cyclic-peptide library for enhanced interactions and antiviral function