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Current BSCB Student Composite


Lauren Benoodt
Lauren Benoodt, M.S.

Research Interest:
Extending Pathways for Mechanistic Predictions from Large Scale Data
Michael Bryan
Michael Bryan, M.S.

Research Interest:
Integration of Silicon Nitride Photonic Microring Resonators for Sensing and Spectrometry to Detect Biologically Relevant Protein Targets
Chapin Cavender
Chapin Cavender, M.S.

Research Interest:
Capturing the Influence of Structural Context and Solvent in Fixed-charge Force Fields for RNA
Sai Chavali
Sai Chavali, M.S.

Research Interest:
HIV TAR RNA Recognition by Multiple Lab-Evolved Proteins Provides Insight into Cyclic-Peptide Inhibitor Design
Gabrielle Kosoy
Gabrielle Kosoy

Research Interest:
Using sensor arrays to understand the immune response to flu: The human immune system response to influenza virus is complex and thus not well understood. I am using Arrayed Imaging Reflectometry (AIR) technology to create arrays of flu surface proteins as well as arrays of whole virus to understand the antibody response to antigen presented in a three-dimensional context.
Ashwin Kumar
Ashwin Kumar

Research Interest:
Biological factors and genetic programs that drive differentiation and maintenance of Lung CD8+ Tissue Resident Memory cells
Debanjana Maji
Debanjana Maji

Research Interest:
Cancer-associated mutations of the pre-mRNA splicing factor U2AF2 alter splice site signal recognition
Abhinav Mittal
Abhinav Mittal

Research Interest:
Identifying common features of piRNA precursors using computational and biophysical approaches
Mukta Palshikar
Mukta Palshikar

Research Interest:
Executable models of pathways built using single-cell RNAseq data reveal immune cell heterogeneity in people living with HIV and atherosclerosis
James Seuch
James Seuch
First Year
Yoshita Srivastava
Yoshita Srivastava

Research Interest:
Structure and effector-binding analysis of a PreQ1-III riboswitch suggests a fold that is tolerant to binding pocket mutations
Daniel Steiner
Daniel Steiner, M.S.

Research Interest:
Development of multi-use photonic sensors for Point-of-Care diagnostics