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Lab Members

Principal Investigator

Axel WismüllerAxel W. E. Wismüller, M.D., Ph.D
MCA 2-2-214
Phone: (585) 276-1323

Intelligent image acquisition and analysis systems in biomedicine

Postdoctoral Scholars

Mahesh NagarajanMahesh B. Nagarajan, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

A Framework for Computer-Aided Diagnosis with Novel Computational Methods for Characterizing Healthy and Pathological Soft Tissue Patterns on Medical Images

Graduate Students

Anas AbidinAnas Zainul Abidin, M.S.
BME Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Novel methods for image/time series analysis with focus on developing novel biomarkers for neurological disorders

Walter ChecefskyWalter Checefsky
BME Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Characterization of trabecular bone structure on quantitative CT to compliment conventional DXA-derived measures of bone mineral density for improved fracture risk estimation.

Adora DSouzaAdora Melissa DSouza, M.S.
BME Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Evaluation of different non-metric clustering methods for visualization of functional connectivity in the human brain on functional MRI

Xixi WangXixi Wang, M.S.
BME Biomedical Engineering Ph.D. Program

Investigating the use of mutual information and non-metric clustering for functional connectivity analysis on resting state fMRI

Research Assistants

Botao DengBotao Deng, M.S.
Undergraduate Student

Applying deep learning techniques to classify lung disorders in clinical imaging.

Raul RodriguezRaul Rodriguez
Undergraduate Student

Parallelization of 3D visualization of large-scale functional integration in the human brain on resting-state fMRI data, using effective connectivity analysis and non-metric clustering, by means of Graphics Processing Units (GPUs)