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Cory-Slechta Lab

Photo of Cory-Slechta Lab

This laboratory focuses on understanding the contribution of environmental chemical exposures to human diseases and disorders of the central nervous system in order to evaluate human health risks, determine effective strategies for treatment, and inform regulatory agencies. Our research is focused on assessing behavioral, neurotoxicological, and neurodegenerative processes and their interactions as a result of exposure to chemical and non-chemical stressors. These studies include both animal models and human populations with the goal of using human studies to further inform animal models and animal model findings to refine human or population study approaches. We continue to emphasize the significance of context in animal model studies, examining interactions of chemicals with other human environmentally relevant chemical or non-chemical stressors that share biological substrates. The goal of these efforts is to advance animal models towards more realistic simulations of the human environment.

Ongoing projects in the laboratory are: