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Core Laboratory

The core laboratory is located in MRB room 2-9905, close to the Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology and accessible to researchers throughout the University of Rochester Medical Center. Core instrument services (see below), technical training, and support for immunological techniques are provided.

The RHIC Core lab works collaboratively with investigators to design and develop immunological methods for clinical studies and translational research. The RHIC core lab offers assistance to researchers and clinical investigators across a large number of research fields establishing techniques in response to specific assay development or preliminary data requests from investigators. Standard operating procedures and clinical sample management systems developed from these collaborations are subsequently made available to other investigators or programs. Currently, RHIC has expertise in multichromatic flow cytometry (immunophenotyping, antigen-specific intracellular cytokine staining and cell sorting), T and B cell Elispot, Fluorispot, T regulatory cell assays, magnetic bead selection of cell populations, and Luminex multiplexed bead array assays. The RHIC Core lab may also provide specialized clinical specimen analysis services for clinical studies or contracts.

Please contact the RHIC core lab director, Dr. Sally A. Quataert, Ph.D. at 585-273-2454 or for further information regarding techniques, collaborations, training or clinical study support. To contact any of the RHIC staff, please see the team page.

Core Lab Technologies

Immunofluorescent multi-chromatic flow cytometry

The RHIC laboratory houses two BD LSR II flow cytometers with an active user group of basic and clinical investigators from across the university. The LSRIIs are 11- and 18-color capable with automated high throughput samplers (96 or 384 well formats) to support large clinical study analysis. Additional multichromatic instrumentation is available through the flow core. The core facility provides assistance with reagents, design, quality control, training and access to multi-chromatic flow cytometry for users involved in human research activities. The RHIC has designed, developed and validated 11-color immunophenotyping panels using standard and newly developed fluorochromes. These panels serve as the basis for rapid customization for individual investigators research needs. Available panels include those for T, DC and B cell population subset analysis and intracellular staining of Treg, T, NK cells, and monocytes derived from a variety of sample types including peripheral circulation, tonsils, lymph nodes and bone marrow. Sixteen and seventeen color panels are under development.

Luminex xMAP® Technology/Bio-Rad Bio-Plex instrument

This core instrument is available through the online calendar reservation system. For more information, please see our link in the left hand navigation panel. The RHIC provides microbead array development for clinical and research applications for specific protein, nucleic acid and cytokine chemokine assays.

Online calendar for instrument sign-up

Clinical Specimen Management

The RHIC provides specimen processing, sample storage and management with distribution and GCP record keeping as required by specific projects. Liquid nitrogen cryogenic storage facilities and cell banks are maintained by RHIC personnel. In addition, many programs benefit from the bank of frozen healthy donor specimens available for use in method development or for biological comparison controls for experiments.