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Surgical Research and Genitourinary Engineering (SURGE) Lab

Surgical simulation is crucial in training surgical residents and even surgical attendings. Through repetition and practice on realistic models, surgeons are able to improve their surgical skills as well as boost their confidence in specific procedures. Furthermore, simulation allows surgeons to learn revolutionary new skills such as robotic surgery or minimally invasive procedures. Our research focuses on Surgical Simulation and Patient-Specific Surgical Simulation to create translational models to measure improvements in surgical training and patient outcomes. One of the most exciting developments we pursue is the development of patient-specific models patients which surgeons can rehearse prior to patients’ actual surgeries.

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Thomas L. Osinski, M.D.

Thomas L. Osinski, M.D.
Principal Investigator

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  • Regan Merkin, Biomedical Engineering Co-op
    "Working at the SURGE Lab has given me lifelong connections. The lab environment is cultivated for learning and has given me an opportunity to apply my biomedical engineering knowledge from the classroom to impactful medical research. I have learned a tremendous amount about surgical procedures and anatomy through observation of surgeries at URMC, and work alongside some of the brightest surgeons and engineers using creative solutions to help surgeons give patients the best care possible."
  • Steve Hassig, Urology Resident
    The SURGE lab is an unbelievable resource. The well-appointed space and collaborative environment allow you to come in with a question and start working through solutions without delay. I personally enjoy problem solving and pushing the envelope in terms of what can be accomplished, and this team has the same ethos while making the work enjoyable."

Our Team

  • Principal Investigator: Thomas Osinski, M.D.
  • Research Staff:
    • Connor Bittlingmaier, M.Eng.
    • Mitchell Hoestermann, M.S.
  • Engineering Co-op Students:
    • Julia Chotiner, Biomedical Engineering Co-op
    • Aubrey Lanham, Biomedical Engineering Co-op
    • Regan Merkin, Biomedical Engineering Co-op
Our Team

Surge Lab Team

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Surgical Research and Genitourinary Engineering Lab
MC 1-6410
601 Elmwood Ave
Rochester, NY 14642