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Welcome to the Frelinger Lab

My laboratory has a number of interests united by the common theme of T cell recognition. Our main research interest has centered on novel means to characterize and enhance T cell responses to pathogens and tumors using novel methodologies. Currently we are developing new tools to deliver cytokines and determine their ability to change immune responses and perturb existing cytokine networks. We are developing a novel technology called the Protease Activated Cytokine (PACman) approach that allows for the activation of cytokines at tumor sites. The strength of this approach is its flexibility. New advances in molecular biology such as the Gibson reaction, which allows one to assemble DNA fragments seamlessly, and the availability of synthetic gene blocks coupled with phage display libraries has made it possible to develop a unique set of potential therapeutics in which the components can be manipulated in a cassette fashion. These novel reagents are not only outstanding research tools but also have the potential to be applied to patient care.

Current Research Projects

Tumor Immunotherapy

Tumor Immunotherapy

We have a long-standing interest in the immune response to tumors. Like many immunologists, we recognized the tremendous potential of cytokines and showed experimentally that they played a key role in anti-tumor responses. We have focused on the effects of cytokines within the tumor microenvironment. More info...

Educational Resources

Land and Linehan

Sample teaching slide for B cell

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